PTA Tax Calculator For Import of Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Tax is applied on the import of all mobile phones in Pakistan. This post contains a simple table instead of a complicated PTA Tax Calculator to find out the approximate taxes on the import of mobile phones in Pakistan.


PTA Tax is necessary to get approval for an imported mobile phone in Pakistan otherwise the device will stop working on local mobile networks.


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) launched the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), which is a system designed to identify non-compliant devices on local mobile networks. It automatically registers compliant devices operating on the mobile networks and eventually blocks non-compliant devices in PTA Tax is not paid in time.


The DIRBS system was initially launched on 1st December 2018.


International Passengers coming to Pakistan can register their mobile phone by paying PTA Tax on their imported mobile device to keep it working on local mobile networks. These individuals can register their mobile phones with PTA at the airport counter set up for this purpose they can do so later by paying PTA tax online or through bank branches.


There are many people confused about the amount they need to pay as PTA tax for their mobile phone import and here you will find a table instead of a complicated PTA Tax Calculator with complete information on the amount of tax owed on mobile phones based on their USD value.


It is pertinent to the registration of mobile phones with PTA is cheaper on passport within 60 days of arrival in Pakistan to facilitate those passengers who are coming to the country, while PTA Tax is higher for those individuals importing mobile phones to the country without traveling abroad.


Mobile Phone PTA Tax Calculator (Passport)



$1 to $30

Rs. 430

$31 to $100

Rs. 3200

$101 to $200

Rs. 9580

$201 to $350

Rs. 13940

$351 to $500

Rs. 23200

$501 and above

Rs. 36870


Mobile Phone PTA Tax Calculator (CNIC)



$1 to $30

Rs. 550

$31 to $100

Rs. 4323

$101 to $200

Rs. 11561

$201 to $350

Rs. 16401

$351 to $500

Rs. 28820

$501 and above

Rs. 46277


How to check device status (PTA Approval)?

To check the status of your mobile device, kindly dial *#06# from the dialer of the mobile device, after receiving each 15-digit IMEI number (dual SIM), send each 15-digit IMEI number via SMS to shortcode 8484.


You can also check the status through the DIRBS website at or through DIRBS app on the Google Play Store. Top Universities In Pakistan | Ranking of Universities in Pakistan 2021


PTA mobile tax list 2021 | Rate Of Duty And Taxes On Mobile Phones (Updated 2021)

Upon the instructions of the Government of Pakistan, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) imposed duties and taxes on the import of mobile phones since January 2019. The mobile phones, based on their brands, models, and types, have been assigned custom values for the purpose of duty/tax clearance. Only the custom value paid phones, henceforth, shall be regularized as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) guidelines.



The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has placed 6 different slabs as duties and taxes on the import of mobile phones. Earlier, each device’s price was determined and tax was levied thereafter. However, the policy has now been tweaked and slabs are established for the convenience of the people.


As per the FBR’s website, the regulatory duty on the import of mobile phones valued up to $30 will now be charged at a flat rate of Rs300 per device. On the contrary, an individual will be charged at the rate of Rs31,520 on the import of mobile phones valuing more than $500 per set.


Following are 6 different slabs which shall help catering international travelers who bring along new smartphone alongside which is non-compliant with PTA:


1- Upto $30 – Rs300

2- Above $30 and up to $100 – Rs2,940

3- Above $100 and up to $200 – Rs4,510

4- Above $200 and up to $350 – Rs6,180

5- Above $350 and up to $500 – Rs17,650

6- Above $500 – Rs31,520


Therefore, if your uncle or friend is opting to gift you iPhone 12 in the coming days, then you would be required to pay Rs31,520 as a customs duty to make full use of the cellphone. If you do not pay the taxes, your mobile device will be blocked after 60 days. You’d still be able to use your mobile device but your SIM card will not be operational unless, of course, you pay the tax. Top 10 Google Searches in Pakistan in 2021



1- IPHONE 12, PRO MAX, MINI: RS31,520

2- IPHONE 11, PRO, PRO MAX: RS31,520

3- S20, 20+, ULTRA: RS31,520

4- A10, 10S: RS 4,510

5- REDMI 5: RS2,940


FBR mobile tax list 2021

FBR mobile tax list 2021

FBR mobile tax list 2021-22

PTA Mobile Tax List 2021 – FBR Mobile Tax List 2021 Pakistan

The rate of taxes and duty on new mobile phones in Pakistan varies however the rate you can find the PTA Tax rate in 2021 value of smartphones and you can find the PTA mobile tax list and PTA mobile registration tax rate below:

Mobile Phone Price in Dollars

PTA Tax List Price in Pakistan

30$ – 100$

Rs. 2,940

100$ -200$

Rs. 4,510

200$ – 350$

Rs. 6,180

350$ – 500$

Rs. 17,650

More than 500$

Rs. 31,520


PTA mobile registration tax list 2021


PTA Mobile Registration and PTA Approved Check Method

You can get your phone approved by PTA by registration to avoid your SIM being blocked by following either of these ways for PTA IMEI registration and verifying with the PTA mobile registration check and PTA approved check methods below


How can I register my mobile with PTA?

Even though you can now get PTA approved phones in Pakistan however if you have purchased a phone from abroad and you want to get its verification done then you first have to find your phone’s IMEI and get PTA verification done from either the PTA website or by SMSing the IMEI number of your mobile device. You can also be registered by dialing *8484# or visiting this link: for a smooth PTA mobile registration process


PTA Mobile Registration from Mobile for Free

The PTA mobile registration fee is free however you need to pay the tax on your mobile according to the price. If you’re wondering how to register your IMEI number in PTA for free then you can register your mobile with PTA in three ways: Relief Package on Electricity Bill 2022


PTA Phone Registration through SMS Method

Check your phone’s IMEI number from the box of your smartphone

 Press 1 to register your mobile device.

Enter CNIC number and IMEI number to *8484#

You will receive a confirmation by PTA that your phone has been approved

In case your device is stolen against the phone’s IMEI, your phone might get blocked.


PTA Free Mobile Registration 2021 Online

You can easily register your phone with PTA for free by visiting and filling out the login form with all the details

If you don’t have your account, then you can sign up and register for your phone

After completing the details, you will get a confirmation link with which you can log in.

PTA Mobile Registration from PTA Mobile Phone App

The third method to get the verification done is by downloading the DIRBS App which is the official DIRB App by PTA and following the instructions mentioned.

How to Check Phone IMEI Number?

The IMEI number of your phone can be checked for free with the PTA IMEI check code: Simply dial *#06# from your phone and you’ll receive an SMS with your IMEI code.


What are the PTA Approval Charges?

For PTA approved prices in Pakistan, the rate depends on the phone prices and varies a


How to Check if Your Phone is PTA Approved

You can check if your mobile phone is PTA approved by sending your IMEI number to the PTA check code: *8484#


PTA Mobile Registration from Overseas

If you’re not in Pakistan currently and want to keep your phone registered from PTA so you must be wondering how to get PTA Mobile Registration for Overseas for free, simply follow the process for PTA mobile registration for overseas citizens


Dial *8484# from your mobile phone.

 Press 1 to register your mobile device.

Reply with 2

Enter your IMEI number and Passport number/ CNIC.

Reply with 1 to complete this registration request. Your request will be submitted in PTA.


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Q1. How can I check the IMEI of my device?

A.    IMEI can be checked using the following methods: • Dial *#06# from the dial pad of your device and note down the 15-digit IMEI number. • IMEI can be checked on the device box • IMEI can be checked on the back cover of your device • IMEI can be checked by removing the back cover of the device • IMEI can be checked by removing the battery of the device • IMEI can be checked in “Settings” of the mobile device.


Q2. How can I check the status of the device I am Purchasing from Pakistan?

A.    There are three different ways to check/verify the status of a mobile device(s).

• SMS: Write 15-digit IMEI in the message and send it to 8484

• Check the status of the device via web

• Check the status of the device via the android app (DVS)


Q3. Why do I have to register my mobile device?

A. The system is aimed at ensuring healthy growth of the mobile device ecosystem in Pakistan and it will ensure the use of legal devices on the mobile networks. Users on roaming services will continue to use their phones without any registration, however, they will need to register in case they insert a local SIM.


Q4. What is the procedure for registration?

A.    There are three ways a user can register his mobile device: a. By dialing USSD code *8484# from mobile. b. By visiting c. By visiting the franchise/customer service center (CSC) of any mobile operator across Pakistan


Q5. How much time will it take to register the phone?

A. Upon payment of customs duties through banks or e-payments etc., the payment is transmitted through 1-Link to FBR. Upon confirmation, the status of the application changes from “Pending” to “Approved”. In case a device is blocked, all registered IMEIs are transmitted to concerned operators for unblocking on an hourly basis


Q6. My mobile device is compliant; do I still have to register it?

A.    No, there is no need to register a compliant mobile device(s), as a compliant mobile device(s) are already registered with PTA.


Q7. Do I need to register every mobile device?

A.    No, you only need to register your device(s) in the following scenarios:

• You brought device(s) from abroad with you while traveling to Pakistan and want to use it within Pakistan for more than 60 days. *For further information regarding duty/taxes, please visit

• You got a mobile device(s) (new/used) as a gift from your friend/relative living abroad and wants to use it first time on Pakistani mobile network duty. *For further information regarding duty/taxes, please visit

• Device(s) having valid IMEI and not registered with PTA. *To register your device(s), go to this link


Q8. How can I register non-compliant device(s)?

A. Status of your device is non-compliant as the IMEI of your device is not GSMA standard number. Therefore, your device cannot be registered with PTA and shall be subject to blocking as per PTA rules and regulations.


Q9. Do I have to register all SIM-based device(s)?

A. Yes, you have to register all SIM/IMEI-based devices e.g. Dongle, Mobile phone, Smart Watch, Tablet, etc.


Q10. Do I have to register all IMEI(s) of a single device?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to register all the IMEIs of your mobile device. Following is an example of registering a mobile device with single and dual IMEI for reference.


Q11. Is there any customs duty on the device(s)?

A.    Yes, the user will be liable to pay all applicable duty/tax which will be assessed by FBR/Custom officials. For further information regarding duty/taxes, please visit


Q12. I have bought a second-hand device, and the tax generated is higher than the price of the device?

A. For your tax queries and issues, please contact the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as Tax is not PTA’s domain.

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