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Welcome to UrduWebHub.

We are accepting guest posts, feel free to mail us your queries:




Please read the Guidelines before sending the Guest Post.

How to Become a Guest Author?

        Email us at urduwebhub[at]gmail[dot]com

        Depending on the number of pitches we receive, the review process may take up to a week

        We will get in touch with you via email.

        We accept submissions as a Google Doc or Word Document.

        Please send a pitch or idea before submitting an article.

        Contact us as above mentioned email ID with the subject line “article or pitch submission – {your_name}”


Content Guidelines:

1.     We have only options for the content contribution which is Sponsored / Guest post.

2.    Sponsored / Guest post, we charged for admin fee for the link placement and publishing a new post. You will get a permanent do-follow link from urduwebhub.

3.    Content must be written in high-level, error-free, and fluent English. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings.

7.     Fact checks and cite sources where appropriate.

8.    We own all rights once your content is published. (If copyright claims about the image of the content of another source you are responsible for that)

9.    Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.

10.             Include Feature image 720*400px related to your post

11. Include 2-3 images within the post. 650*370px

12.              Don’t use copyrighted images in your article.

13.              The editors have the right to make edits to your content.


The topic we accept:

1.     Write for us How to

2.    Write for us Technology

3.    Write for us Top10/5

4.    Cryptocurrency

5.   5G

6.   ArtificialIntelligence

7.   Web3.0

8.  Electric Cars / New Tech In Cars

Business, Education, Finance, Marketing


Note: Share your topic of the article for approval before writing the content.

Guidelines for Links:

1.     Interlinking to relevant posts on our blog will be appreciated.

2.    You may also link out to other related posts on the web (not more than 2 links.)

3.    Adding affiliate links is not permitted.


Our editors will make the last call regarding the publication of the article.


Content Should Be Rejected If

Low-quality and non-original content;
Plagiarize contents, or grammatical mistakes
Content is also rejected if we find promotional links or if it is against Google guidelines.

We Can NOT contain any information that is against the law and any information on hackingsupport for religious/terrorist fanaticism, trademark infringement, or sex.


What Type of Posts and blogs do we accept?

If you think you have proper knowledge on any topic which are given below. you can Write a For Us Guest Post.

Historical Story: You can write us a guest post on any Historical Story but it must be in your words. Language does not matter; it may be Urdu or English as you want to share.

Funny Story: If you have any funny stories feel free to write for us in Urdu or English. We will be happy to share that story on our web if it seems interesting to our readers.

Legends Story: You can also cover the story of any leader or legend.

Success Story: If you think you have stuff that can motivate our readers or can be an example of success, please write a for us guest post today.

Motivational Story: Let’s take the responsibility to boost our readers. If you can share any motivational stories, you are most welcome.

Current Topic: We also love to share current or latest topics on our web. If you can write on current or trending topics, feel free to write for us guest posts.

Tech Update: We all know these days technology is developing day by day so if you want to share any content on tech updates, you can.

Computer Tips: If you are a master in computers, please share some tips with us.

Facts & Tricks: You can also work on interesting Facts & Tricks.

Crypto: Feel free to share your thoughts on Blockchain Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency too.

you can share funny but interesting topics with us. There is no language barrier, feel free to write in Urdu or English.

How does guest posting play an important role in blogging?

Many times we see new blogger faces some doubts related to guest posting. They get confused, Is really a guest post worth it for them? If you are also confused, don’t worry we will let you know, How does guest posting play an important role in blogging?


According to SEO Experts, Guest posting is 6 times better than creating new content for your own site. Cause it helps you to build your online reputation & you can easily get more traffic to your own blog.

It does not matter what’s your niche, Guest blogging on the same niche web always helps you to improve your online presence. Let’s discuss 3 important points which will help you to understand it.


  • Builds Relationships
  • Great for SERP
  • New Audience


  • Guest Posting Builds Relationships

If you add great value to someone’s blog, definitely that person will appreciate your work and will always remember it. That point can be very beneficial and you can start your conversation from here. You can clear many doubts related to blogging from them.

So, don’t think too much and search” Write for us guest post” according to your niche.

  • Great for Search Engines

When you write for someone, you get a backlink from their blog which helps you a lot to improve your search rankings.

Trust me. These backlinks are more than 24-carat gold for you, don’t let them go from your hands. Grab all the opportunities and search” write for us guest post” as much as you can.

  • New Audience

When you submit a guest post, you enter an already established community. which allows you to connect with a new audience.

So, Don’t get confused & remember: Guest Postings Matters .. !!


Write for us Guest Post

Mail ID: urduwebhub@gmail.com

Niche: Multi

Languages: English


Keywords Suggestion

If you are a new blogger, We can understand your problems & doubts. If you are unable to find blogs for Guest Posting according to your niche, Don’t worry about it. We are sharing some keyword ideas that will help you a lot to find more good blogs for your web.

So, you can use these important write-for-us guest post keywords to find great blogs that are accepting guest posts.

Submit a guest post: Simple and easy to search and also you can add your niche with it like submitting a guest post technology or Submitting a guest post + Technology. Which will work for you as a filter.

Guest Post Submit: Simply google the keyword” Guest post submit” and you will find many suggestions according to your blog.

Guest Post Digital Marketing: If your blog is related to Digital Marketing, the keyword social media marketing write for usWrite for us SEOSocial Media Guest Post, or Guest Post Digital Marketing will provide you best result according to your need.

Business Guest Post: If you are running a blog on a business niche then you can google the “Business” “Submit Guest Post” as it is.

Submit Guest Post Technology: There are thousands of tech blogs available for you to share guest posts. If You are unable to find it according to your need please try these keywords like technology + “write for us” + guest post, Technology “accepting guest posts”, Technology + “write for us” + guest post, Tech blogs “write for us”, Technology “submit guest post”, Technology accepting guest posts, Guest posting sites for technology.

Software “write for us”: If you are running web-related software or you need any blog that accepts software niche web, must try Software “write for us”.

Guest Post in Urdu: If your blog is in Urdu or Roman Urdu, you need to find a blog that accepts Urdu content so you can search Guest Post in Urdu, Guest Post Kaise KareUrdu Guest Post SiteAccepting Guest Posts, etc.


Health Blog Write For Us: To find health blogs that accept guest posts you need to google “submit guest post+ “fitness”, Fitness guest post, Health and wellness guest post, Health blog + write for us, “submit guest post” + “health”


Education Guest Post: If you are working in the education niche, you have many choices and can easily approach multi-niche guest posting sites. Also “submit guest post” + “education” " education + write for us + Guest post, and “submit guest post” + “education” can be helpful for you.


Cryptocurrency guest post: If Bitcoin Blockchain and cryptocurrency are your niches then you can google it with.

List of Search Queries to Find Guest Posting Sites. 

"guest post" 

"startup funding" 

"write for us" 

"guest article" 

"This is a guest post by"

 "contributing writer" 

"want to write for" 

"submit blog post" 

"contribute to our site" 

"submit content" 

"submit your content" 

"guest posts wanted" 

"guest blogger" 

"become a guest blogger" 

"submit news" 

"submit post" 

For Categories, you can add a category name along with this query 

"write for us" Health 

"write for us" Education 

"write for us" Essay Writing 

"write for us" Finance

“write for us” + Cryptocurrency

“write for us” + Crypto news

“write for us” + Blockchain technology news

“write for us” + Exchanges news

“write for us” + Bitcoin news

Blockchain writes for us

write for us Crypto news

Blockchain news “write for us”

Bitcoin News “write for us”

Why Guest Posting is Essential? 

Guest posting is essential because it really can create a great positive impact on your Website’s SEO results. Guest posting can help you to get more valuable do-follow backlinks for your site. It’s the only recommended process to get links from other authority sites related to your niche. Search engines always give more authority and recognition to the site, which gets backlinks through the guest posting method. Must consider guest posting strategy in your SEO plan because, 

  • It widens your brand awareness across through various authority sites 
  • Act as a ripple effect, and increase SEO score in no time 
  • Your products and services become popular on the internet 
  • It helps to get more value for your brand with authority 

How to Get Success in Guest Posting 

When you decide to submit a guest post for your site, you should have to adopt the process that will help you to succeed in your approach. Communication with the blogger or editor should be done professionally. Try to use the medium of email to connect with third-party bloggers for guest posting. Your message should be concise and to the point. It’s better to use the "You" approach while asking for the blog post approvals. Must follow the below-mentioned process to successfully post your articles. 

  • Analyze the niche of the website you choose for the guest post 
  • Write a clear message, when asking for a guest post 
  • Wait for the response from the recipient 
  • Keep your patience during the conversation 
  • Before approval fix the amount you have to pay (Only in the case of paid guest posts) 

Offer Unique and Quality Content 

Your guest post will only get published if it is unique and you fulfill all the requirements that are asked by the editor of the website on which you will publish your post. Try to write an evergreen topic for your guest post. It can provide you the backlinks for a longer time duration. It’s better to write content with more than 500 words, and also try to include subheadings in your written work. Here are the important tips that you must have to keep in mind while writing guest posts. 

  • Use tools like grammar checker for quality writing 
  • Write on the topic that is related to your niche 
  • Elaborate your topic as much as you can 
  • Make it to more than 500 words 
  • Properly include Do follow links 
  • If necessary include your Bio.

So, These are some main and important categories that are discussed above. Hope these given keywords will help you all. Still, if you have any doubts or questions in mind please feel free to contact us: urduwebhub@gmail.com


Note: If you have any doubt related to paid guest posting sites or free guest posting sites. Don’t worry .. you can also go with paid sites but please check their stats like traffic, spam score, or DA & PA.

The traffic of guest posting sites will help you to gain a new audience and DA will work positively to rank in search engines.

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