Miss Universe Pakistan 2023 Declares Her Commitment To Cultural Values


Miss Universe Pakistan 2023 Declares Her Commitment To Cultural Values

Miss Universe Pakistan 2023 vows to uphold her country’s honor.

Erica Robin, a 24-year-old model, is set to make history.

Robin invites global audiences to explore Pakistan’s cultural richness.

“For the first time, someone from Pakistan will be representing the Miss Universe pageant. There is a huge responsibility on me and of course the pressure, but I will not do anything that will bring any shame,” asserts the inaugural Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, in response to criticism from clerics and the caretaker government.

Erica Robin, a 24-year-old model, has been chosen to represent Pakistan in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, marking a unique moment that has garnered both praise and criticism.

Robin expresses her honor in participating in the competition set for November 18 in El Salvador, where women from 90 countries will join. In conversations with media outlets, she firmly states that she will abstain from wearing a bikini during the competition, vowing not to disappoint her nation with her actions. This stance aligns with the belief that pageant swimwear is intended to provide a fun platform for models to showcase their physique, confidence, and personality to judges.

Upon securing the title, Robin conveys profound gratitude for becoming “the first ever Miss Universe Pakistan” and extends an invitation to the audience to savor Pakistani cuisine and explore the country’s lush landscapes.

She underscores her honor and humility in representing Pakistan on the global stage and aims to spotlight the nation’s beauty. Robin emphasizes the often overlooked positive aspects of Pakistani culture and highlights the generosity, kindness, and hospitality of its people.

Additionally, she invites everyone to visit Pakistan, experience its exquisite cuisine, and explore its captivating natural wonders, including snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and progressive landscapes, as conveyed in an Instagram statement.

The Miss Universe pageant is an annual event co-hosted by the United States and Thailand, boasting an estimated annual budget of $100 million. Established on June 28, 1952, the competition welcomes women from around the world, evaluating them based on beauty, intelligence, professional accomplishments, and social contributions, transcending boundaries of color, caste, language, religion, and culture.


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