Khmer Lottery Review

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Khmer Lottery Review

Khmer Lottery Review

The history of the lottery in Cambodia dates to the 1950s. Then it was known as “Kantuy Lek” in the indigenous Cambodian language. For quite a while, the lottery has been illegal in Cambodia, but things later changed. Through the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Cambodia companies involved in lottery and gaming activities can now be licensed.

There is a law in place to regulate lottery activities and ensure a fair play. DreamWin Corporation, the company behind Khmer lottery got its license under the same regulatory framework.

DreamWin Corporation then got into a contractual arrangement with Xinwei (Cambodia) Telecom Co., Ltd to give Cambodians access to Khmer Lottery online. Today, both the public and tourists can enjoy the convenience of playing this lottery at any place at any time.

Playing Khmer lottery is supposed to be a form of entertainment and not a money-making exercise, though there are great prizes to be won. By promoting the lottery, the Cambodian government profits out of it as well as creating jobs for ordinary Cambodians.

Before the lottery was legalized, crime was often associated with betting, illegal gambling and the lottery. However, this is a thing of the past now and the government has provided a safe gaming atmosphere for responsible gambling among its citizens.

How to Play Khmer Lottery

Khmer lottery is a revolutionary game of chance that gives Cambodians the opportunity to have fun and win lots of prizes. Unlike other countries that restrict betting only to the citizens, Cambodia has an open-door policy where they allow betting even to people visiting the country. In this way, participation in Khmer lottery has seen numbers increasing right from inception.

There are two main ways of playing Khmer lottery. The first is playing from an operator and the second is playing through an app.

Playing Through an Operator

The first step here is to identify a Khmer lottery agent near you. These are authorized to sell and distribute lottery materials on behalf of DreamWin Corporation. Once you get there, inform the clerk that you want to play Khmer lottery and he will give you the playslip.

On it, you should mark your 5 winning numbers. These are the numbers that will determine whether you win or not when the draw is held. The numbers could be inspired by anything in your life including your birthday, graduation day, wedding anniversary, and any other important date.

Once you fill in your numbers, hand over the playslip to the clerk with the respective payment equivalent to the number of plays you have entered for. You will then be given a ticket.

Other than manual play, Khmer Lottery has apps you can use for online plays. The Khmer Lottery app is simple to use and available in both Android and iOS versions. This makes it easy for you to play online.

All you need to do is to download the app onto your mobile and make the necessary registrations. The interface you see on the mobile is similar to the playslips you would have filled at the lottery outlet. The advantage with this is safety and convenience. You can do it in the comfort of your home at any time of day or night.

If you have no favorite numbers or you simply want to venture out, you can try the Quick Pick system. Here, the computer at the terminal generates random numbers for you and saves you the anxiety of having to choose the numbers yourself.

The Khmer Lottery Ticket

The ticket you will be given is the evidence that indeed you are a participant in the Khmer Lottery. The playslip is not a recognized legal document because anyone can have it and walk away without handing it in.

The ticket will have all the numbers you have chosen for the draw or those chosen by the system in the case of the Quick Pick. For the app, you will get an electronic ticket showing the numbers selected.

Once you have your physical ticket, it is upon you to take care of it as you wait for the draw day. Being a bearer document, the ticket can easily be passed to another person and this means they get the legal authority to claim a prize even though the ticket may not be theirs. To prevent this, sign the ticket at the back to validate it.

You should also take good care of it so that it doesn’t get lost or folded. Defaced tickets take a much longer time for them to be identified and in some cases, the identification process may fail. This can deny you a prize that you have rightfully won.


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