The 10 Most Expensive Hotels In NYC, As Of 2022

Many of Hollywood's most lionized celebrities love the luxurious lifestyle they cannot help but show to the antsy paparazzi. If they're not lounging or hosting wild house parties in their mega-mansions like Chris Brown or Jamie Foxx, they're travelling the seas in their mega-yachts, which are fitted with more high-end amenities than most middle-class American homes. 


But when they're away from home and visiting a different state or country, they stay in some of the most pristine hotels on the planet. And why not? They have the money to do so! Here are 10 of the most expensive hotels in New York City, as of 2022.

The 10 Most Expensive Hotels In NYC, As Of 2022

10 Mandarin Oriental - $36,000 Per Night

Besides being one of the most expensive hotels in New York City, The Mandarin Oriental is also one of the most popular. With a stylish and modern oriental design combination meant to exude the Manhattan experience, the Five-Star Hotel boasts 244 rooms filled with luxurious bliss. A few of its most outstanding features include the uncontested wraparound views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline; the 14,500 square-foot Five-Star Mandarin Oriental Spa; an exceptional 75-foot lap pool overlooking the Hudson; excellent restaurant cuisine, and Five-Stat hospitality service.

According to Wow Travel, the hotel boasts 54 floors with a reservation price of US$36,000 per night. A few famous faces that have had the privilege of experiencing the Mandarin Oriental include the English singer/songwriter Gary Barlow, American model and actress Kate Upton, and British journalist Alexandra Shulman. 

9 The Pierre, A Taj Hotel - $20,000 Per Night

Built in 1930, The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, has established itself as a luxury landmark for nearly 100 years. Also overlooking Central Park, the white marble floors and South Asian art hung on the lobby's walls only add to the Five-Star experience that took US$100 million to renovate to its present condition. It is regarded as one of NYC's most romantic hotels. Its most expensive room is the Tata Presidential Suite on the 39th Floor, which portrays a subtle luxury that isn't oppressive but is exclusive enough to carry a price tag of US$20,000. The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, has been the temporary home of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Julianne Moore, and supermodel Gigi Hadid, according to Vogue.

8 The Peninsula, New York - $25,000 Per Night

If you're into maintaining your Zen state of mind and experiencing another one of New York City's most expensive hotels, then The Peninsula would be one of the favoured choices. Located on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in Midtown Manhattan, the hotel is conveniently located a short distance from many of the surrounding main attractions, such as the Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue shopping, multicultural restaurants, the historic Broadway theatres, and Donald Trump's coveted Trump Tower. Often referred to as a place of tranquil peace and luxury amid the bustling Fifth Avenue street, the hotel features a rooftop terrace and a 21st-floor spa with an indoor pool, a remote-controlled system, bathtubs, and picturesque floor-to-ceiling windows in all 235 rooms and suites available. For this slice of New York paradise, rooms begin at US$25,000 per night. 

7 The Plaza - $40,000 Per Night

There are some hotels whose historical value is even more prosperous than their luxurious design, one of which would have to be The Plaza Hotel. With more than 100 years in operation, the hotel was opened in 1907 and has been among the most notable hotels in the world. The New York City gem is a fusion of age-old charm and modern decorum and is known for wearing its wealth, 24-carat gold plating, to be exact, on the bathroom mirror frames and leg chairs of every room. The Plaza Hotel was also featured in Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, briefly featuring Donald Trump as one of its patrons. It has also attracted numerous celebrities, from F. Scott Fitzgerald and Miles Davis to famed author Kay Thompson. At a high of $40,000 per night, it's one of the pricier hotels on this list.

6 Four Seasons Hotel - $$50,000 Per Night

Towering 82 stories in the Lower Manhattan side of New York City, the Four Seasons Hotel is another Five-Star Hotel with a wealth of history since it began operating in 1993. While it may not be as old as aged as other pillars of hospitality in New York City, it represents a more modern, luxurious, and polished feel that would become the home to the first Wolfgang Puck restaurant called the Wolfgang Puck NYC Steakhouse, which has remained there to this day. It also features a wellness floor equipped with a sauna and steam room, a 75-foot heated lap pool, and a fitness centre. Offering 4,300-square foot suites at US$50,000 per night, it's no wonder that names such as Bill Clinton, royals Prince Harry and Princess Diana, Ralph Lauren, and "Man on Fire" Denzel Washington made it their temporary homes, according to NY Post.   

5 Ritz-Carlton - $40,000 Per Night

Showcasing luxury at its finest, the Ritz Carlton Hotel is another one of New York City's hotels worth a pretty penny that has been synonymous with Hollywood's glamour, fashion, and fame. The 22nd-floor two-bedroom suite makes an unforgettable first impression with limited edition artwork on the inside, Carrara marble bathrooms, and personal butler service. For US$40,000 per night, the 2,000-square-foot Royal Suite has seen the likes of celebrities such as renowned multi-billion-dollar fashion designer Coco Chanel, who has lived there for over 35 years.

4 St. Regis, New York - $35,000 Per Night

Also located on the corner of 55th Street and Fifth Avenue near The Peninsula Hotel is St. Regis, New York Hotel. Around the time it was opened in 1904, it cost $5.5 million to construct the building that was once the tallest hotel in Manhattan. The hotel's glamorous suites and legendary butler service put it at a considerable advantage, attracting legendary celebrities such as John Lennon and the late Marilyn Monroe. Another celebrity hotspot featured by St. Regis was the King Cole Bar, which was home to the first Bloody Mary cocktail in the USA. The property's most expensive room, The Presidential Suite, is priced at a whopping $35,000.

3 Park Hyatt, New York - $30,000 Per Night

With resorts in Canada, the United States, Japan, China, multiple European countries, The Middle East, Africa, St. Kitts, and Argentina, Park Hyatt is unquestionably one of the leading luxury hotels on the global front. But within the borders of the United States, its most celebrity-prone areas would have to be California and New York, the latter being among the most expensive hotels in the city. Occupying the first 25 floors of the 90-storied One57 skyscraper, the Park Hyatt, New York, boasts 211 deluxe guest rooms and suites. Celebrities such as Jessica Seinfeld, rapper Nicki Minaj, actor Darren Criss, Gigi Hadid, and Priyanka Chopra are among the names who have visited the hotel. The Presidential Suite runs a price of $30,000 per night, the cost of most Americans' annual salary. 

2 Baccarat Hotel - $18,000 Per Night

Whether purposefully or unintentionally, celebrities' lives seem to always be the object of slander or speculation. And these less-than-ideal encounters involving celebrities tend to happen in the most luxurious hotels, such as the Baccarat Hotel in New York City. Possibly the oldest hotel brand on this list, the Baccarat Hotel is a French luxury brand hotel that is said to be over 250 years old. The French tend to show out regarding decorations and the thousands of chandelier and glassware pieces featured in the lobby and the Baccarat Suite, which cost $US18,000 per night. Socialite Kim Kardashian made the hotel famous in 2017 when it was alleged that she was doing nose candy on the marble table of her suite, although this was never confirmed.

1 The Mark Hotel - $75,000 Per Night

Last on the list is undoubtedly the most expensive hotel not only in New York City but in the world, The Mark Hotel. If prestige is attached to the name, it's obviously where all the celebrities will flock to, whether or not the 12,000 square-foot Mark Penthouse costs a cool US$75,000 per night. Spread across five bedrooms and a 2,500-square-foot rooftop terrace, plus two private bars and a library, it would make sense that it is the most extensive suite in America. Every year at the highly anticipated Met Gala, celebrities flock to The Mark Hotel to prepare for the event. Just a few months ago, some of the faces that appeared were Jack Harlow, Emma Stone, women's tennis champion Venus Williams, and scores of other big-named celebs.

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