PlayStation 5: what does PS5 bundle mean?


For many months now, one of the few methods to buy one PlayStation 5 is through the so-called system bundle, mainly if you rely on the chains of the leading physical retailers. Let’s try to clarify the meaning of this term and better understand what these offers consist of.

PlayStation 5: what does PS5 bundle mean?

From a purely technical point of view, with the word bundle, we mean the sale of a product taken not individually but through a package that includes many other items, which tend to have the purpose of increasing the appeal of the main article. In the case of the sale of PS5, this mechanics translates into the proposal, by various retailer chains, of offers which they understand the console and a variety of games or accessories (such as additional controllers, headphones, and prepaid cards, to name a few), which are sold as a whole at a price obviously higher than that of the console alone.

This type of package, however, they are not new for the videogame industry since they have been used for years as a promotional method for the sale of platforms and is often offered in conjunction with the publication of new, highly anticipated exclusive games. The difference with the current situation of the PS5 bundles (but also Xbox Series X / S) is that due to the chronic shortage of stocks that hit the PS5 and Xbox Series X, buying one of these packages has probably become the main among the few methods by which it is possible to obtain a Sony console, otherwise unavailable as a single product. Do you also know how much PlayStation 5 has sold so far?

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