John Cena asked Nintendo for a new 2D Metroid during a 2017 photo shoot



John Cena asked Nintendo for a new 2D Metroid during a 2017 photo shoot

According to reports from Giant Bomb's Dan Ryckert, the wrestler John Cena asked Nintendo for a new Metroid 2D during a photo shoot in 2017. When Metroid Dread was released, Mario's house sent him a copy. Cena's staff replied with an email that said, "John really likes it."

The news was confirmed by former Nintendo Krysta Yang, who was working on the editorial team at the time, who added: "He explained he was a huge Metroid fan. He's a really good person!"

Their photographic campaign was commissioned by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch's Unexpected Places marketing campaign. The photo attached to Ryckert's tweet became a real meme for the shoes that seemed to merge with the carpet.

Cena has often expressed his love for video games, particularly Nintendo classics, from which he also took inspiration for his merchandise. Be that as it may, his all-time favorite video games are those from Westwood Studios' Command and Conquer series.

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