4 Marketing Strategies Used by Fortune 500 Companies


Marketing is everything. The success of your business is pegged on how well you execute it. Big companies are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their marketing strategies are effective.

According to statistics, the global expenditure by big companies on marketing is approximately $1 trillion. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing to stand out. Here are four marketing strategies used by fortune 500 companies that’ll enhance your marketing efforts.

4 Marketing Strategies Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Dominos: Regional Appeal

Dominos is a global pizza maker that delivers great-tasting pizzas to people’s doors. The company makes different pizzas for every preference. For instance, Domino’s popular pizza in Asia features seafood and fish toppings. Pepperoni, mushroom, and cheese toppings are popular in many nations, apart from a few exceptions such as China and India which adopted pizza recently.

You can also copy Dominos’ differentiated targeting strategy if you run a restaurant. Hire chefs from different cultures and allow them to cook using traditional ingredients and styles. You can feature them on your website and social media pages to attract new customers. It’s also a clever way to convince your followers that your restaurant accommodates everyone.

Starbucks: Have a Great Social Media Strategy

Social media determines the success of any marketing strategy today. According to statistics, 97% of fortune 500 companies are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. These channels enable brands to engage with consumers at a personal level.

And if there’s a company that knows how to use social media, it’s Starbucks. The coffee maker uses custom images and hashtags in its tweets that go viral. It also uses video, images, and gifs on its feeds to attract attention. The company stays up to date on current events and responds promptly to followers’ concerns on all its pages.

You can also do the same. Know your audience and identify one or two social media channels where you can connect with them more intimately. For instance, if you own a car dealership, Facebook and Instagram are ideal for marketing and engaging car buyers. Post a car stock photo library on your wall to prompt people who visit your business page to click and check out your inventory.

Nike: Sell a Story

Nike thrives on selling touching stories instead of its amazing products, and it works magic. The brand has a massive social media following it tells its stories too. Nike has a story to tell about each pair of shoes it makes.

For instance, on its web pages, Nike tells brief stories about some of its famous shoes–from conception to execution. It takes a little creativity to come up with a story for every new product or service you create, but it’s doable. Think of something that will trigger your audience’s interest. Write a blog post about how your products have helped clients and share behind-the-scenes photos.  

Coca-Cola: Brand Consistency

Coca-Cola is a perfect example of how brand consistency can impact a brand’s image. Despite altering its packaging over the years, the brand has managed to remain consistent for over a century. It uses the iconic coke bottle alongside its black and white logo to make every advert worth watching. 

Borrow a leaf from the brand. Instead of rebranding from time to time based on the latest trends, pick a logo and slogan that communicate what you stand for and stick to them. Set clear brand guidelines and perform quality audits frequently. Also, hire the right team to promote your brand. Outsource tasks you can’t handle and popularize your brand.

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