How much money does Bill Gates makes every second?

Bill Gates

The entrepreneur and businessman continues to increase his wealth

Not even the billionaire divorce that Bill Gates starred in 2021 has not significantly dented the steady earnings of the founder of Microsoft, who every second, yes, every second continues to bill huge amounts of money.

It is no small thing that Gates for several years has led the list of the richest people on the planet, first from 1995 to 2010 and then from 2013 to 2017, when Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon received that distinction.

Microsoft, the beginning of his wealth

Since Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen, his company's growth has been huge and steady, worth $350 million when it went public, raising that figure thanks to the launches of Microsoft Office in 1990 and Windows 95 in 1995. By 1999, the software company was worth $100 billion.

Gates' investments besides Microsoft

Gates' stock isn't just in Microsoft, however. Through his Cascade Investments group, the businessman has stakes in Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, AutoNation, Deere & Co., Four Seasons Hotels, Strategic Hotels and Resorts, Canadian National Railway, Branded Entertainment Network and ResearchGate.

Let's not forget that Gates owns several real estate assets, including his own private island in Belize called Grand Bogue Caye, art collections, private jet, not to mention initiatives such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has spent more than $40 billion in the fight against global poverty and various diseases.

How much does Bill Gates earn every second?

Considering that Bill Gates' net worth is valued at $138 billion, according to sites like Clutch Points, this is possible because the entrepreneur earns around $1,300 per second, according to Business Insider calculations.

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