Lotto Draw 2161, Powerball Lotto 20 April 2022 Results, New Zealand

Lotto Draw 2161, Powerball Lotto New Zealand

[Lotto Draw 2161 results NZ Lotto 2161 results Powerball Lotto 20 April 2022 results Nz Lotto 20/4/22 Powerball Lotto results 20th April 2022 numbers tonight jackpot winner nz lotto results draw 2161]

Powerball in New Zealand was first started in February 2001, Giving New Zealand people a chance to win a bigger prize. The drawing takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and the top prize can roll to $50 Million. It is a popular Lottery game played across the country. If Powerball is played, a minimum of four Powerball numbers must be purchased per ticket, at the cost of $0.80 per line. 

Lotto 2160 Result, Powerball Lotto Draw Results 20/4/22 Saturday, New Zealand

The result for the Powerball Lotto Draw 2161 of New Zealand is announcing here for Saturday, 20/4/22. The winning numbers for this lottery are 03  04  15  17  19  34  11. The estimated jackpot is $5 Million for April 20th, 2022 draw. Check the result in detail down below.

Date: - 20/4/22, Saturday 

Lotto 2160 Draw Result for 20 April 2022: - 

03  04  15  17  19  34  11

Jackpot: - $5 Million

Previous winning numbers for 16 April 2022, for Powerball NZ

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How to play the Powerball lottery in New Zealand?

·        To play New Zealand Powerball, you must first choose six Lotto numbers from 1 to 40.

·        Powerball is an optional add-on that cannot be played separately from Lotto. If you want to take part, you just need to select a Powerball number between 1 and 10 for each line of Lotto numbers you’re playing.

·        The game can be played online or via authorized retailers throughout New Zealand.

·        Each line of Lotto numbers costs NZ$0.70, and it’s an additional NZ$0.80 to add Powerball, taking the total cost of every line to NZ$1.50.

Facts about New Zealand's Powerball

·        The Powerball New Zealand, unlike other lotteries, is a supplementary game of sorts. To play, you must first play the New Zealand Lotto and, after choosing your main NZ Lotto numbers, pick an optional Powerball number.

·        Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

·        Powerball New Zealand jackpots start at NZ$4 million.

·        Jackpots of the Powerball New Zealand rollover if no one wins a draw.

·        All New Zealand Powerball prizes are 100% tax-free.

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