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Is PipeFlare A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online? PipeFlare Pyro NFT Presale Almost Sold Out!


What is up, crypto fam? Today we have a fantastic project to discuss topics such as is legitimate? are the payouts real? How do I earn daily? Is it free to reach? Do I have to invest in making it? These are some of the many questions we will cover in this article, So let’s dive right in.


What is PipeFlare?

PipeFlare is a community of enthusiasts who love blockchain, gaming, and technology. We are really excited that you're joining the PipeFlare team and can't wait to see you around the neighborhood.

·        Launched in 2020, is a robust play-to-earn (P2E) gaming community with 60,000+ daily users and 750,000+ members.

·        PipeFlare runs on 1FLR, a decentralized gaming token used to reward members.

·        PipeFlare will become the industry's largest P2E blockchain gaming platform, coupled with an exciting NFT Marketplace.

·        PipeFlare is a multi-coin Faucet that hosts ZEC, FLARE, and MATIC.

·        You can claim all of your coins at the same time. You do not need to wait 24 hours between currencies.

·        Don't wait - claim BOTH of your rewards today! Just head over to and hit CLAIM.

·        Don't wait - claim your first free reward today! Just head over to PipeFlare and hit CLAIM. It's that simple.


***Special Offer For New Users***

If you use Brave Browser on 10 times in your first 30 days, you will get a free spin worth up to 1000 Flare Tokens. This is enough to start Staking!

Pipeflare is a free-to-use faucet site to earn passive income through crypto. You can start for free or subscribe for higher daily earnings. Join now 

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Monthly Plans

PipeFlare Monthly Plans

Casual Supporter

·        1.5xFaucet Rewards

·        Exclusive Monthly Airdrops

·        Casual Tier Staking Bonus

·        Free Entry To "Subscriber Tier" Game Leaderboards (Higher Rewards)

·        5% Referral And NFT Discounts

·        2.5x 1FLR Token Drop Rate

·        Unlimited 2x Brave Bonus

·        No Ads In Mobile Apps Or Games

·        Donation To Independent Game Developers

·        $2 PER MONTH


Hardcore Supporter

·        Faucet Auto-Pump - Never Miss A Day

·        2x Faucet Rewards

·        10% Referral And NFT Discounts

·        3x 1FLR Token Drop Rate

·        Exclusive Monthly Airdrops

·        Hardcore Tier Staking Bonus

·        Free Entry To "Subscriber Tier" Game Leaderboards (Higher Rewards)

·        Unlimited 2x Brave Bonus

·        No Ads In Mobile Apps Or Games

·        Donation To Independent Game Developers

·        $10 PER MONTH


Professional Supporter

·        4x Higher Referral Payouts

·        15% Referral And 10% NFT Discounts

·        4x 1FLR Token Drop Rate

·        25% Leaderboard Reward Bonus

·        Faucet Auto-Pump - Never Miss A Day

·        2xFaucet Rewards

·        Exclusive Monthly Airdrops

·        Pro Tier Staking Bonus

·        Free Entry To "Subscriber Tier" Game Leaderboards (Higher Rewards)

·        Unlimited 2x Brave Bonus

·        No Ads In Mobile Apps Or Games

·        Donation To Independent Game Developers

·        $25 PER MONTH

You Can Save up to 20% on store Purchases And Subscription By Using 1FLR To Pay!


How to earn Pipe Flare?

PipeFlare Games

There are several ways to earn crypto from pipe flare, such as:


playing game's

game leaderboard's


battle pass

Referral commission

Pyro NFT Ownership

Daily Mystery Faucet (Requires minimum 1 PipeFlare Pyro NFT) 


PipeFlare Staking

Stake Flare Tokens to activate Premium Airdrops

Active / Inactive (Must Stake 1000 1FLR)

Staking Bonus

Diamond Token Bonus 500,000 + 1FLR Holder +2% Bonus

Elite Token Bonus 1,000,000 + 1FLR Holder +3% Bonus


Staking Options

FREE TIER - No Lock In 3% - 1 Month Lock In 4% APY - 6 Month Lock In 5% - 12 Month Lock In 6%

CASUAL TIER - No Lock In 5% - 1 Month Lock In 7% APY - 6 Month Lock In 8% -12 Month Lock In 10%

HARDCORE - No Lock In 9% - 1 Month Lock In 11% APY - 6 Month Lock In 13% - 12 Month Lock In 15% 

PipeFlare NFT's

PipeFlare NFT's

PipeFlare NFTs - Allow you to purchase NFTs that give you either a boost to daily Faucet income, Staking multipliers, Airdrop Multipliers, or Yearly Sub Plan. This NFT's come in 3 rarities. Rare, Epic, Legendary.

PipeFlare NFT's

PipeFlare Pyro NFT - Mid Feb safelist Pre-sale of Pyro NFTs at 60% discount coming to 55 MATIC (polygon). You can mint up to 5 during this event per wallet address. There are only 1000 Presale Pyro NFTs. 10,000 Total supply Pyro NFTs - PipeFlare


Once these final NFTs sell out, we will increase the price. You won't see us selling Pyros at this low price ever again. – PipeFlare


As a reminder, here's what you'll get with PipeFlare's limited edition 10,000 Pyro NFT collection:


·        Access to a 4th Bonus Faucet

·        Staking Bonuses

·        NFT Exclusive Airdrops

·        Entrance To Pyro's Exclusive Cave

·        Licensing Rights

·        VIP Merch Store

·        and Much Much More...


Now let's Show You Our Pre Sale Minted Pryo NFTs For PipeFlare! This Is How Much We Support The Project; This Was Our First-Ever Safelisting And Our First Time Ever Minting NFTs! Be Sure To Click & Hype!


Presale Whitelisted ^ Pyro#934 ^ Rare PipeFlare Pyro NFT

est value 0.15 eth - 11.0 eth current prices


Presale Whitelisted ^ Pyro#933 ^ Uncommon PipeFlare Pyro NFT

Uncommon est Value 0.03 eth - 1 current eth prices


Join PipeFlare And Try To Get Yours Today! They Are Also Available For Sale On Opensea, Starting With A floor Price Of 0.03 up to 515 Eth some are asking! They provide a bonus to daily crypto income and allow you entry to unique pyro holder monthly airdrops and daily Mystery Faucet! They also offer a 1x -2.5x faucet boost, depending on rarity!

Proof Of Personal Payout

PipeFlare Payout

Referral Dashboard & Payout Proof

PipeFlare Payout Proof

If you want to learn more about crypto faucets and play to earn gaming, check out our web page and the article below. We appreciate any feedback on what you would like us to cover in the future, and welcome to Clutch's crypto journey! You will also find links in the blog on our webpage for each game app and program we discuss that can be trusted and won't lead to troublesome sites!

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