50 Promising Non-Fungible Tokens To Keep My Eye On In 2022

Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that are difficult to replicate. Over the years, The market of digital assets has been thought to be attractive to investors and traders. One of the tokens that ensures that only a few can be in circulation is non-fungible tokens. In other words, they are technically known as crypto-collectibles. These tokens hold value, just like real-world assets. They also have varying levels of scarcity; some might be bought and sold through platforms such as OpenSea and Rarebits. NFTs have taken the crypto market by storm. They have been slowly giving similar asset classes like traditional games, art & collectibles, and virtual goods competition to better the entire blogging industry.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new asset class that has seen significant growth in late 2018. While the non-fungible token market currently is untapped, it has allowed many interesting tokens to flourish. One example is CryptoKitties which has seen a Net Asset Value gain of 160,000%. Several other NFTs still have the potential to grow into the top positions in 2022 and possibly become one of the most valuable assets on the blockchain. This leads one to wonder: What will NFTs on the market today be around in 2022?

50 Most Popular NFT Tokens of 2022

When you are ready to buy NFT tokens, what do you intend to purchase? A CryptoKitty? An Omni card? A CryptoCelebrities collectible? What if we told you that in a couple of years 25% of all blockchain transactions will be for these digital assets? You wouldn't believe us, would you? It seems too crazy to be true. But let's be honest: already there are countless 3D-printed figures, CryptoKitty is the highest-priced NFT on the market ($170K+), and CryptoCelebrities collectibles are at $2.3M; in fact, card sales from just one blockchain game (CryptoSpin) were $80K! And then there is an NFT marketplace for insider trading — an exchange of tens of thousands of different NFTs specifically designed for high-frequency trading. Moreover, the famous blockchain company in China — BiiLabs — has raised $500M in its ICO that's focused exclusively on NFTs. One thing is certain: 2018 won't go down as a historical year for NFT popularity, but it should be noted as an important year. We'll see more and more companies appearing who will use them as a marketing tool.   

How Does NFT Work?

NFTs are made carefully and could be music, drawing, computerized reasoning, or digitalized material. Most NFTs are essential for the Ethereum blockchain, while not on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or other crypto coins.

In short, Non Fungible Tokens should be an aggregate thing that is just computerized. While buying an NFT, the individual professing to believe the particular token is authorized to the full privileges of the restrictive proprietorship, implying that a single proprietor has the option to possess it. To make it more straightforward, the computerized information grandstands the first proprietor of the specific NFT and guarantees the privileges must be moved among purchasers and merchants through move tokens.

50 Top Rated NFT Tokens by Market Capitalization

Listed below are some of the most popular NFT tokens as per their market capitalization:

S No.



  Market Cap


Axie Infinity




Theta Network












Enjin Coin








The Sandbox




















Radio Caca








Yield Guild Games








UFO Gaming
























Origin Protocol




Wilder World




Alien Worlds












My Neighbor Alice








Somnium Space CUBEs




Render Token




Smooth Love Potion








Gods Unchained




RedFOX Labs












Decentral Games








Ethernity Chain












Boson Protocol




Terra Virtua Kolect








Cake Monster
















The Doge NFT








1. THETA (Theta Network) $6951million
2. MANA (Decentraland) $5950 million
3. AXS (Axie Infinity) $4990 million
4. XTZ (Tezos) $4385 million
5. CHZ (Chiliz) $2110 million
6. ENJ (Enjin Coin) $1578 million
7. SAND (The Sandbox) $600 million


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What are NFTs, and Why are they the Future?

How To Check What Your Non-Fungible Token Is Worth

Most Popular NFT Tokens To Buy In 2022

Most well-known NFT tokens are all things considered answerable for upgrading the worth of genuine craftsmanship. NFTs have gigantically changed the existence of computerized specialists. Additionally, numerous famous people are getting onto and connecting with their fans by exhibiting their perfect piece of automated craftsmanship. Like a physical or mechanical deed, advanced craftsmanship is an application that shows the proprietor's name of that exceptional resource; an NFT token.

Look at the rundown ever most loved NFTs list:

1. Theta
Theta NFT

Sent off in March 2019, Theta is a blockchain-controlled network presented with the essential objective of decentralizing information conveyance, video web-based, and edge registering. As of January 2022, the coin is exchanged today at $4.18 and is anticipated to increment multiple times by 2026.

2. Decentraland
Decentraland NFT

Sent off in 2017, Decentraland is a computer-generated simulation stage enabled by the Ethereum money. The record-breaking high worth of MANA came to $5.85. Be that as it may, it is exchanged at $2.94. It is an ERC-20 symbolic that should be annihilated to get the ERC-721 LAND Non-Fungible Token.

3. Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity NFT

One of the most fascinating fight games, Axie Infinity, is sticking to blockchain-based exchange in which members from one side of the planet to the other own and run the piece of the game. The stage is motivated by prestigious competitions, including Tamagotchi, and Pokemon, empowering clients to battle, accumulate, develop breed, and exchange token-based creatures known as Axis.

These Axis take unmistakable shapes on various body parts, up to 500, including plant, bug, reptile, monster, bird, and sea-going. 

4. Chiliz
Chiliz NFT

The NFT was established in 2018 and is enabled by the first blockchain-based fan communication and motivating forces organization. The name of the organization was Socios.com. Fundamentally, it is a fan commitment and prizes application empowering fans to draw in with different groups and clubs through computerized resources called Fan Tokens.

Many fans bought this coin marked Fan Tokens because of its most extreme acknowledgment. The currency is exchanged at $0.2655 as of January 2022. Best of all, the stage permits fans to participate in discussions with their number one groups. Extraordinarily great!

5. Enjin Coin
Enjin Coin NFT

Presented in June 2018, the computerized resource was sent off to support the worth of blockchain resources like NFTs. Enjin Coin, in a split second, backs every one of the tokens made with Enjin Platform. The coin is money, as in January 2022, is being exchanged at $2.33. 

6. Tezos
Tezos NFT

Tezos is a blockchain network in light of brilliant agreements that permit clients to decide on network-related issues, for example, convention refreshes. The stage was presented in September 2014 and holds the current market cost of $4.13 (as of January 2022)

7. Flow
Flow NFT

The stage is gigantically answerable for creating NFTs, enormous crypto games, and applications. Stream is a superior presentation blockchain intended to scale for a considerable time drawing in with NFTs, for example, in-game items. The stage was made by Dapper Labs, which presented NBA Top Shots and CryptoKitties blockchain game on the lookout. 

8. WAX

Blockchain-based stage WAX was delivered in 2017. The essential role behind the acquaintance of WAX was to make web-based business exchanges secure, quicker, and consistent. WAX's current market cost is $0.396 (As of January 2022), and an all-time exorbitant cost was kept in December 2017 at $5.01.

9. DigiByte
DigiByte NFT

If you are a cryptographic money fan, you would be familiar with DigiByte ahead of time. Isn't it? Better believe it; we realize we are correct!

Digibyte is known to be one of the longest-running option blockchains that captivates specialists and designers. Various clients understood its actual capacity when the costs of the NFTs presented by Digibyte soar in a month-to-month exchange volume. Be that as it may, the fundamental concern is how long Digibyte's market cap will stay under $1 billion. 

Popular NFTs By Trading Volume

Unlike Bitcoin or other crypto coins, the digital assets with distinctive properties are called Non Fungible Tokens. These tokens can be traded with one another, be it art games, land titles, game items, or other physical or digital items.




Mutant Ape Yacht Club


dot dot dots


The Doge Pound


The Currency


Adam Bomb Squad


0N1 Force


World of Women


Cool Cats





Top NFT Projects

The best 5 NFT brands you must know about right now are mentioned below:

1.      WS:NL: NFTee

2.     Under Armour: Stephen Curry Sneaker

3.     Masters of Horror: Hellraiser

4. Applebee's: Meta Mondays

5.     VisitLEX: Non Fungible Thoroughbreds


Are NFTs Expensive?

NFTs are costly as they are among the web works of art. You could have proactively seen on the web every one of the famous people professing to possess a couple of NFTs by following through on a powerful cost. These peculiar tokens address the responsibility for things, from artistic creations to tacos, bathroom tissue, or land under it. These tokens assisted numerous famous people with getting public notice and made terrific images on the web.

As indicated by Ethereum.org, no association or individual reserves the privilege to change or adjust the record of NFT proprietorship or duplicate/glue another NFT into reality. They are costly because they are exceptional and are not exchangeable because of their one-of-a-kind property.

For example, Ethereum (ETH) or USDs are fungible as 1ETH or $1. Additionally, these are traded with the things or resources of equal worth, which serves as an exchange card.

Most Popular NFT Collections in 2022

Malaysian purchasers got one of the most well-known NFTs, ' First Tweet.' In contrast, the second most renowned NFT was Hasmarks, an aggregate work of more than 70 specialists and involves 16000+ one-of-a-kind computerized representations. Over a time of 3 days of its presentation, the work paid off to every one of the specialists by selling at over 100,000% benefit and was positioned fifth in the well-known rundown of 2021.

One more prestigious NFT was sold for more than $69 million in February 2021, called 'Everyday: the initial 5000 Days.'

How To Buy NFT?

It is essential to know in this day and age how to purchase an NFT. Isn't it? The principal thing you really want to do is associate your wallet with the commercial center. Most commercial centers have a direct choice on the stage show 'Associate Wallet.' Once you peruse the commercial center and pick the NFT you like. In the wake of choosing the NFT, place the bid for the NFT you need in the bartering segment of the stage.

You can make installments to buy NFTs utilizing cryptographic forms of money or credit on stages like Kraken, Coinbase, eToro, or PayPal. The most well-known NFTs commercial centers to accept brilliant computerized tokens incorporate Raible, Foundation, theta Drop, OpenSea.io, SuperRare, Larva Labs, NBA Top Short Marketplace, Mintable, and so forth.

How Is A NFT Different From Cryptocurrency?

Fundamentally, NFTs are tokens that are not fungible. Be that as it may, cryptographic forms of money are fungible. Although, they are customized in the same way contrasted with NFTs. Like cryptographic forms of money, NFTs can't be exchanged and traded for one another.

Unlike NFTs, cryptographic forms of money are generally worth a similar sum, suggesting one Ethereum is usually worth 1 Ethereum, and 1 dollar can typically be traded with another dollar. The fungibility of cryptographic money makes it a secure method for executing blockchain exchanges.

Interestingly, NFTs dislike different materials. All things being equal, each NFT contains a computerized signature that keeps NFTs from being filled in for or contrasted with each other.

How to Produce an NFT Token?

You don't require broad specialized information to think of a unique NFT token. Different NFT commercial centers permit you to make NFT with your craftsmanship, like OpenSea, Raible, or Mintable.

You really want to prepare your media as the NFT can uphold music documents (MP3), visual records (PNG, JPG, and so forth), and substantially more. When you complete this document, the subsequent stage is to add it to a printing stage and name it a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). It is finished by associating your crypto wallet with a commercial center for NFTs.

Whenever you do this, you want to make a segment inside your commercial center and transfer your craftsmanship as single or different assortments. The subsequent stage is to make reference to the cost of your NFT. By doing this, your specialty will be tokenized as NFT, and you are all set.

The eventual fate of NFTs is a maintainable business that is reasonable for everybody in the public arena. The NFT fills in as an extraordinary stage. It lifts the confidence of numerous expert specialists to send off their item as an NFT and get a meriting cost for exhibiting their ability.

Virtual land is a not kidding thought in our computerized world, and NFT gives consistent exchanges to present-day organizations. So it will be extraordinary to perceive how NFTs will be developed throughout the next few years and what transforms they will bring to blockchain innovation in attempting to decrease their carbon impression.

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