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If you're living in a region prone to natural disasters and fatal accidents, you should take precautionary measures to keep your home safe. As we all know, safety lies in the details. Therefore, if you would like to develop a secure home for yourself and your family, make sure you are fully aware of the 17 ways mentioned below.

The Risks of Not Taking Precautions for Your House

Millions of burglaries occur across the world, round the year. Even if you live in the safest country, your house would still always be prone to get broken in. 

When someone breaks into your house, not only can they steal your valuables or damage your property, but the event can be highly distressful to most people.

A burglary makes you feel violated and can be a traumatizing experience for you and your loved ones. Therefore, the sooner you learn how to secure your home, the better it will be.

Securing Your House

No matter how young or old you are, everybody needs to feel secure, particularly in their own space. Each residing being's inborn nature is to watch and safeguard their home. They would make every effort to make their home the best spot for them as well as their families. We should in the event that you travel a ton and you would rather not leave your home unattended, home automation will ease things for you. You will be able to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. 

Most home attacks happen during light hours when individuals are either working or school. Nonetheless, it doesn't infer that a cheat wouldn't consider breaking-in your home around evening time. Hence, it is critical to keep your home safeguarded consistently.

Ways to Protect Your House From a Break-In

While it is difficult to totally get your home, following the absolute accepted procedures referenced beneath will get your home security shrouded in many regions.

Protect Your House On The Inside

With regards to dealing with your home security, the main thing you want to do is to execute careful steps on the inner piece of your home.

 1. Keep Those Doors Locked

The most usually realized idea known to mankind is home door security. An unmonitored entryway is an open greeting to thieves as it would make their positions far more helpful. To stay away from that, you should simply ensure that you never leave your front or some other entryway opened and you're finished!

Keep Those Doors Locked

 2. Keep Expensive Items Out of Sight

It is simply savvy to keep your assets particularly the costly ones secured. Make it a training to constantly keep costly things like gems, cash, devices, watches, and wallets appropriately positioned in a protected spot when you return home.

Try not to keep such things in plain view as that would enormously build the possibilities of them being taken. To do as such, you could likewise consider putting resources into a family protected that will help in this cycle.

 3. Update Your Locks

While moving into another house, it is proposed that you supplant old locks with new ones. It is viewed as perhaps the most ideal way to get your home as you can never be certain assuming the past occupants actually have any of the keys. Certain individuals likewise will generally impart their home keys to their family members and companions so it's simply protected to have new locks introduced in your home.

Update Your Locks

 4. Verify Before Opening the Door

Continuously be very cautious while noting the entryway. Many home attack examinations have uncovered that thieves regularly go straight for the doorbell. A peephole would add up incredibly to your home entryway security. Simply ensure you use it each time you're going to open the front entryway of your home. Obviously, opening up the entryway for an outsider does not merit the gamble at any rate.

 5. Dress The Windows

Windows are a significant part of every house. They serve multiple purposes such as adds natural light to your home, add beauty to the architecture of your house, and providing ventilation but most importantly, they connect you with the outside world. 

Other than every one of the aces of windows, we regularly overlook the way that they can permit cheats and thieves to venture into your home. Hence, you ought to constantly be very cautious about keeping the windows locked as well as keep them covered with shades and curtains as that would allow you to safeguard your security and any thief will not have the option to peep inside your home; not to mention submit a break-in.

Dress The Windows

 6. Run Background Checks Before Hiring Househelp

Employing individuals to help you out with family errands is a typical practice, particularly in Pakistan. As per insights, each fourth house in Pakistan has eventually utilized a homegrown aide as a servant, a cook, a watchman, or a driver.

Throughout the long term, it has been seen that as a rule, homegrown aides have been engaged with different thefts the nation over. You can never completely tell whether they are really focused on the gig or then again in the event that they're simply masking themselves as aides to get to your home so they might submit a theft later.

The best way to save yourself the difficulty is to check the data a potential aide gives you before you employ them. You can request them for a duplicate from their CNIC and show it to the police for a crook record check.

 7. Make Your House Free of Hiding Spots

Assuming you have specific region of your home that you don't actually utilize or go to that a lot, simply remember that they can be utilized by cheats as a concealing spot. Storerooms, lofts, and cellars are key instances of these concealing places where individuals can slip into and be dynamic when there is nobody at home. Indeed, even little spaces, for example, vents and cooling units can be used by undesirable guests as spots to stow away in and enter later.

Protect Your House From the Outside

Securing your house from the inside doesn't guarantee a safe house. Even with the locks and protection, if the outside is left alone, burglars can find new ways to enter the house. Whether it's through the garage, hiding in the bushes, or sneaking in the dark of the night, homeowners must focus on some methods to keep it safe from the outside as well. If you keep wondering about 'how to secure your house', here are a few great tips on what you can do without breaking the bank on expensive security tech. 

Protect Your House From the Outside

 8. Keep It Lit

Outdoor lighting can be more than just a fancy touch to spruce up the house. People trying to break-in, love the dark since they can do the business without drawing too much attention to themselves. Lights here and there around the house especially on the entrances will make it difficult for them to go unnoticed. Get to know tips on amplifying light in your house without effecting much to your electricity bills. Thanks to science, you can now check your bills online without any hustle.

Lighting outside can also make it look like the homeowners inside are active, hence minimizing the risk of forced entry. It is a pretty useful way to secure the property.

 9. Fences Are A Must

One of the most common themes you see in houses these days are fences and that is for a very good reason. Homes that are open without any sort of fence or barrier are a free invitation to people to come from any direction. 

Introducing wall not just gives your home that recognized look from an external perspective yet will likewise serve as a home security framework. Likewise assuming you are considering introducing a house security fence, we would prescribe the ones that are difficult to move over. Cheats and robbers at times truly do have sufficient climbing abilities so try to get that fence unclimbable.

Fences Are A Must

 10. Make Your House Look Occupied

If you are wondering what makes a house an easy target for burglars, it's usually those that look abandoned without anyone inside. It can be when hosts go on vacation or property on rent that no one has visited in weeks. The common theme for these easy targets is that they look empty. Clean the place up so it looks good from the outside and leaves a light on from the inside at night. Small things like taking your mail every day can also make a big difference.

Homes with cars on the driveways will definitely make it look like there is someone in the house. If it's for a short period of time, then keep the driveway clean, even leave the TV or radio inside turned on to have that noise scaring off unwanted people. Sometimes, even these methods can be as effective as home security products. You should have automated car locks for your vehicle protection. If you own a car get your driving license.

 11. Keep an Eye on the Garage

One of the more common entry points for thieves is the garage. Since most garages are not linked to the inside and are usually unprotected, it can double as a great hiding place for some evildoers. If your garage is linked to the inside of the house, then that does not ensure you a 100% secure house. Just make sure that you put home door security on the inside as well to prevent any mishaps. 

It is a no brainer to keep nothing valuable in the garage. At least nothing that can be carried away easily. If the garage is visible from the outside, make sure to keep all personal belongings inside. The landscaping next to the garage should definitely be catered to ensure that no burglars can use it to sneak in. 

If you are looking for the best way to secure your home, investing in a security camera or alarm for your garage door might be a great investment in the long run. People mostly think the apartment is safer than the house. If you are confused about choosing a house or apartment to live in, read house vs apartment where you should live.

Keep an Eye on the Garage

 12. Install Security Cameras & Alarms

If you have seen the CCTV cameras on the TV or the internet, then you would already be aware of their usefulness. With the technology we have these days, you can even have cameras installed on your smartphone giving you the ability to see what's going on at your house no matter where you are. 

Unique mark empowered entryways and eye finders to the side, essential alerts and CCTV cameras are an incredible type of home security framework that everybody ought to consider. Placing them in a reasonable view will likewise give the feeling that the house is completely secured and that whoever is inside knows about anybody attempting to break-in.

 13. Maintain The Lawn

Anyone trying to hide while entering your house will find trees and bushes as a blessing since they would provide an excellent cover. Therefore, you should always get them trimmed and in proper shape. While this proper gardening is going to make your front or back yards look cleaner and more organized, it will also help you get rid of any hiding spots that a thief might use. 

Trees next to a house window might also serve as a ladder for a burglar. Make sure to be extra vigilant about any such windows in your house.

 14. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors can be a huge asset if they are good people but even if they are not, forming a good relationship with them can go a long way in securing your home. Neighbors can be your extra set of eyes and ears keeping a close watch on the house while you are away. 

Asking your neighbors on ways they secure their homes can also be a good practice to get extra information. It is only fair to warn you that some neighbors won't be the nicest people and they can be a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be friends with you just to have you drop your guard. Make sure you are extra careful in connecting with them.

Keep Your House Safe While You're Away

We all know that it is convenient to follow home security measures while you're there; but what about the times when you've to go away? To keep things in order while you're away, just follow the simple precautions we've mentioned below and you're good to go!

 15. Don't Share Your Vacation Details on Social Media

Probably the easiest and best way to protect your home is by not advertising on Social Media your personal lives. Many people keep sharing photos, videos, and other details about their homes on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat without realizing how easy it makes the job for your potential stalkers.

When it comes to vacations and the time you spend away from home for work or visiting vacation spots or whatever reasons, the risks of such stalkers robbing your house drastically increase. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to keep the details about your vacations and other trips as private as possible.

 16. Ask a Trusted Neighbor to Keep a Check

Ever been concerned about the best way to secure your home? Just get rid of the idea of ever neglecting your house even when you're away for a couple of days. You can always ask somebody you trust such as a friend, a relative, or a neighbor you've known for a long time.

When your house is vigilantly under check, any thief or burglar would find it really unsafe to commit any sort of crime over there hence increasing the security of your house while you have fun on your time away from home.

 17. Keep Your Trip Short

Understand the importance of your house and the value it brings to your life. While spending time on a 'vacay' is as tempting as it gets, know that a neglected house is somewhat an open invitation for any burglar. 

A smart move under such a circumstance would be to return as soon as you can in order to maintain the security of your home-sweet-home. 

So these were some of the tips that we thought were worth mentioning to keep your house security intact. Let us know if you've more ideas on how to secure your home. Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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Until next time, stay home, stay safe!

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