Five Haunted Places In Islamabad You Didn't Know Existed

Are you someone who likes to explore haunted places?

Or are you a chicken heart like me who just likes to read about the haunted places?

I have lived in Islamabad all my life, but it is only recently I have started exploring its haunted places. This is the list of the five most haunted places in Islamabad. So read on to find out more.

What if I tell you that the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, known for its breathtaking beauty is also famous for its horror sites?

Islamabad is a city known for its scenic views and beautiful landscapes and hill stations. It stands on the list for being the second most beautiful capital in the world. The peaceful and calm environment of the city makes it a perfect city to live in. High health and educational facilities. It has some of the top universities. But, the city has some of the most haunted places in Pakistan as well.

Yes, you heard me right. The city is loaded with creepy places that will give you goosebumps for sure.

We have compiled a list of places to visit as considered the most haunted places in Islamabad. Get to know the ladies' gym in Islamabad.

Haunted Places In Islamabad
Haunted Places In Islamabad

1. Lotus Lake | Hunted Place In Islamabad

This notorious lake is situated in Shakarparian. It gained popularity when several murders occurred in the area. The murderers used to leave the corpses by the lake. Maybe this is the reason why this place is considered haunted. The place was very beautiful and well-kept in the 1970s but over time, the place became barren and unattended. Islamabad Cultural Complex was about to be constructed in the area but the work got stopped for some unknown reasons. In short, the abandoned lake looks straight out of a horror movie for sure.

Lotus Lake

 2. New Islamabad Airport | Hunted Place In Islamabad

I know it may sound a bit weird but many people claim that the new Islamabad airport is haunted. The staff members of the airport have reported multiple incidents. People have heard scary noises and they also claimed to see shadows of children playing on the runway. Some staff members even saw a weird-looking creature at night. They got so scared that some of them even fainted.

The airport is said to be built on an old graveyard. That’s the reason why it is haunted. So, be careful when you visit the airport next time. And yes, do not try to roam around there alone at night, you might see things you do not want to see.

New Islamabad Airport

 3. Shah Allah Ditta Caves | | Hunted Place In Islamabad

If you are an Islooite then you probably have heard about these famous caves. Believe it or not but these caves are said to be 700 years old. The whole area gives you creeps because it is occupied by old trees and even older caves.

People have heard noises in the caves at night, like lots of people are talking to each other. Scary. Right?

The residents of the area have also seen dark shadows at night. So, it is best advised to visit Shah Allah Ditta caves during the day, that too with a company because you never know when you encounter any ghost there. Also, the haunted hill park near the caves is said to be possessed.

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Shah Allah Ditta Caves

 4. Buddhist Graveyard | Hunted Place In Islamabad

This ancient Buddhist graveyard is located in the Sector F7 of Islamabad. It is famous for its paranormal activities and supernatural phenomena. People have heard strange voices, cries, and footsteps in the area at night. The guards of the area also claim that the area is full of supernatural entities. Nearby residents claim that while passing through the graveyard, you will continuously feel that you are being watched by someone and the whole place gives you shivers.

Buddhist Graveyard, Islamabad

 5. Lok Virsa | Hunted Place In Islamabad

The place is immensely popular among the masses and it is considered one of the most visited places in Islamabad. However, this beautiful place turns into a live horror movie in no time.  People have claimed to see shadows by the road and some people also have claimed to hear shrieks and cries of people in the area. If you have a knack for history you should not miss visiting historical places in Pakistan.

Apart from these famous places in Islamabad, it is a hub of haunted houses. Have you encountered any horror places in Islamabad? Do let us know in the comments below. If you are among those people who find it difficult to understand convert millions and billions into lakhs and crores read one billion in Urdu after that you will convert thousands to millions real quick. Get to know famous dams in Pakistan.

Lok Virsa

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