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The list of Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021 is a number of the favored topics that folks from India – Find the Best topics for YouTube Channel in 2021. Every day, YouTube’s two billion active monthly users watch a billion hours of video, so new topics can quickly get massive amounts of searches.

YouTube is the second-largest program in the world with many videos uploaded daily. to face stiff competition, channel uploads must rank on relevant search terms for their topic. Also, a glance at trending searches on the platform can provide insights on social and popular culture trends which will refine marketing strategies and also as understand the evolving tastes of viewers for future reference.

YouTube doesn’t give direct access to keyword data, you’ll find what topics are being searched the foremost by visiting Google Trends and selecting “YouTube Search” within the top menu

Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021

As you almost certainly know, YouTube is that the second hottest program after Google. Though YouTube doesn’t share details on its searches, a couple of tools can help us identify what the trending topics are. It isn’t official information or on the brink of particular data.

It does help a touch if you’re trying to find trending things to post on your channel. So read on the study the foremost searched topics on YouTube in India.

How can I Find What’s Trending on YouTube?

Are you Finding the Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021? – Like Google, the video program has its own algorithm that decides what results to display on top YouTube searches. The algorithm changes over time, but the standards that videos are judged include:

The number of views

Number of comments

Usefulness to a viewer

Bounce rate 

Trending content is often music videos from famous artists or viral videos that become popular. However, YouTube tries to stay misleading videos off its trending page.

An example of a video with a misleading title could be a video called “Best Value Computers Available Today,” during which the creator talks about a few funny experiences at an electronics store rather than comparing hardware.

It’s easy to seek out the foremost searched videos on YouTube. you’ll attend the trending page on YouTube or check the Google Trends YouTube page. The Google Trends YouTube page provides an inventory of the present hottest topics and search queries that folks have typed into YouTube. you’ll also see search terms that were trending over a particular period since 2008 (see above for table of Top YouTube Trending Topics from 2008 to 2021).

How to Check the Trending Topics in YouTube Real-time?

If you want to check the Most Trending Topics on YouTube in real-time, I’m giving the steps by step guide to check and find the YouTube most Trending Topics in real-time. here are the steps,

Top 10 Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021

Step 1: Open YouTube Apps or Website / or Click here.

Step 2: Click on Explore Button on the Website or Apps.

Step 3: Now Click on Trending Option.

Step 4: Here the Trending Topics and Videos are showing. 

List of Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021

Here I’m giving a list of the most searched topics in India 2021,

·        Carry Minati

·        Ashish Chanchlani

·        BGMI

·        Free Fire

·        Amit Bhadana

·        Village Cooking Channel

·        Drivers License Olivia Rodrigo

·        BTS

·        Narendra Modi

·        Tik Tok

·        Baby Shark

·        T-Series

·        Roun2Hell

·        BB KI Vines

·        All Indi Bakchod

List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in India

Listed below are a number of the foremost subscribed YouTube channels in India,

·        T-Series

·        Set India

·        Music Company

·        TV

·        Sony Music India

·        Chuchu TV

·        Wave Music

·        Speed Records

·        Filmi Gaane

·        CVS 3D Rhymes

·        YRF

·        Colors TV

·        Sab TV

·        Tips Official

·        T-Series Apna Punjab

·        Shemaroo

·        Ultra Bollywood

·        Aaj Tak

·        Amit Bhadana 

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Topics in India 2021

Apart from watching top trending videos on YouTube, it’s also useful to stay up with trending channels and what content they produce that’s resonating with users.


In 2021, the most subscribed YouTube channel is T-Series, India’s music and movie studio. the highest channel has 50 million subscribers quite YouTube Movies, the second most subscribed channel.

Get the most subscribed channels Topics in India, the dominant topics are:

·        Music

·        Children’s

·        Sports

·        Entertainment

·        Gaming

·        Education

·        Blogging

·        Science

·        Short Flims

·        Tech or Unboxing

List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2021:

YouTube Channels

Total Subscribers



YouTube Movies


YouTube Music




Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes


SET India


YouTube Gaming


Kids Diana Show




YouTube Sports


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Top 20 Most Searched Topics on YouTube Worldwide

·        BTS – 16,723,304

·        pewdiepie – 16,495,659

·        ASMR – 14,655,088

·        Billie Eilish – 13,801,247

·        baby shark – 12,110,100

·        old town road – 10,456,524

·        music – 10,232,134

·        bad bun – 10,188,997

·        Blackpink – 9,580,131

·        Fortnite – 9,117,342

·        Minecraft – 8,540,800

·        pewdiepie vs t series – 8,252,156

·        peliculas completas en español – 8,223,530

·        senorita – 8,203,240

·        Ariana grande – 7,599,148

·        alan walker – 7,011,862

·        tik tok – 6,918,634

·        music – 6,776,562

·        wwe – 6,720,364

·        calma – 6,570,493 

Best YouTube video ideas for Increase Subscribers and Views on your Channel

YouTube is that the second biggest social media network. Its users rack up billions of views, watching many hours of video every day. It’s also owned by the most important program in the world, which suggests being on YouTube can offer you an SEO boost and help grow your audience.

If you’re able to start and want to Create some creative YouTube videos, here is the best YouTube videos Ideas for you,

·        Start a Vlog

·        Movie Review

·        Book Review

·        Game Review

·        Explainer Video

·        Product Tutorial

·        Product Reviews

·        Tour Video

·        Culture Videos

·        Behind the Scenes Videos

I’m giving a short description about the above list of Best YouTube video ideas for Increase Subscribers and Views on your Channel, 

1. Start a Vlog

Just like written blogging, vlogging is often educational, entertaining, personal, whatever you’d wish to make of it. Both businesses and individuals can use vlog content to interact with viewers and grow their audiences.

2. Movie Review

Seen an honest (or not so good) movie lately? fancy YouTube to share your opinion and begin arguments with strangers. No spoilers!

3. Book Review

Share your thoughts on your latest read.

4. Game Review

Gaming videos, including reviews, are hugely popular on YouTube.

5. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are wont to quickly introduce a product, service, company, or app. If your company has one, YouTube is a superb platform to feature it for max exposure.

6. Product Tutorial

Whether you’re explaining your own product, or simply want to show people the way to use a product or app you employ and love, a tutorial video is an enticing and useful option for viewers.

7. Product Reviews

Product reviews are amongst the foremost popular sorts of content on YouTube. many viewers hunt down these informational videos before making a sale. Tech devices and wonder products are popular subjects, but reviews are often found for all kinds of products.

8. Tour Video

Let viewers peek behind the scenes with this popular video format. you’ll boast your room, home, office, neighborhood, or another place you’re keen on.

9. Culture Videos

Create a video showcasing your organization’s culture. Ping pong within the office? Team hour after work? Videos that highlight a fun and positive culture are an excellent thanks to show customers and prospective employees what your business is all about.

10. Behind the Scenes Videos

Show viewers what goes on behind the scenes of your business, event, blog, or YouTube channel.

Bonus Tips: How-To/Tutorial Videos

How-to videos are one among the foremost popular sorts of videos on YouTube. They’re particularly fashionable tech and wonder YouTubers, but the subject possibilities are really unlimited. From the way to play your favorite song on guitar to the way to be more confident, if you’ll teach it, there’s probably someone out there who’s looking to find out it!

Final Thought

In this article, I’m trying to give all of the information about the Most Searched Topics on YouTube in India 2021 and the Best YouTube Videos Ideas.

YouTube is the most popular platform in India, there were lots of people who work on YouTube and make it a profitable passion, you can also work with this platform & you can do the same. you can choose the best topic to make YouTube videos with these most searched topics on YouTube in India 2021. Thank you

FAQs on Most Searched Topics on YouTube 2021

When was YouTube founded?

It was founded in 2005.

Who is the CEO of YouTube?

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube.

Who are the founders of YouTube?

YouTube was founded by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley

How much did Google buy YouTube?

YouTube was bought for 1.65$ billion.

How many users are there on YouTube?

YouTube has over 2.5 billion users.

What type of site is YouTube?

YouTube is an online video platform.

What is The most searched topic on YouTube about free fire?

Here is the list of The most searched topic on YouTube about free fire,

·        Free fire live

·        free fire esports india

·        Free fire youtube

·        Free fire new event

·        Free fire youtube

·        Free fire youtube video

·        Free fire song

·        Free fire youtube tik tok

·        Free fire redeem code

What are the most searched keywords on YouTube for Lamborghini Racing?

Here is the list of most searched keywords on YouTube for Lamborghini Racing,

·        Lamborghini racing on the highway

·        Lamborghini racing car song

·        Lamborghini racing in India

·         Lamborghini racing car video

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