How To Verify Mobile Phone status with PTA and CPLC

Verify Mobile Phone status with PTA and CPLC

Find out guidance to verify status of any used/stolen mobile phone through IMEI number.



·        Do not purchase any stolen mobile phone. Verify its IMEI

·        Verify status of your lost/ stolen mobile through its IMEI

·        Verify your mobile’s IMEI by sending SMS on 8484

·        To verify IMEI through CPLC link, Click here

·        To verify IMEI through PTA link, Click here


Report your Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone:

·        If mobile is lost/ stolen, call CPLC & tell them IMEI Nos.

·        CPLC Contact Nos: 021-35662222 and 021-35682222

·        CPLC Helpline: 1102


Useful Link:


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