How to download videos from Twitter

Twitter is as popular as ever and there is more and more content on the app than ever before. While Twitter started as text only, now the timeline is filled with photos and videos too. Some of these videos are so eye-catching that users want to save them, yet Twitter doesn't have a built-in feature to download these videos. Here, then, are some different ways through which you can download and save videos that appear on Twitter.


Using other websites to download Twitter videos

There are a variety of third-party websites where you can download Twitter videos simply by pasting the URL of the tweet in question. Some of the best ones are,, and


The problem with some of these websites is that they contain many adverts, so you'll need to be quick to hit the cross button to close the other websites that pop up as you navigate through the website.

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Downloading Twitter videos with the Chrome extension

If on desktop, there is a Google Chrome extension called Video Downloader Professional. This works well and you can add this extension to your browser and then click on it whenever you need to download a video that you come across.


download videos from Twitter

Downloading Twitter videos on iPhone and Android with a bot

When scrolling on your phone and reading replies to tweets, you may notice people messaging @DownloaderBot. This is another way you can save videos and it is one of the most commonly used tricks for those using Twitter on their mobile phone, whether that's an iPhone or Android device.



By tagging @DownloaderBot in the replies to a tweet, the bot will automatically download the video for you and it will notify you when it's ready. This, therefore, is one of the quickest and easiest methods of saving videos off of Twitter.


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