How To Apply/Renew Your Driving License Online In Pak

What is the Driving License Issuance Management System?

This process automates the formation, renewal, and upgrades of driving licenses in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Besides, with the latest technologies and equipment, DLIMS can provide fast and better services to the public and contemporary statistics to the authorities.

Moreover, this system of PTIB also regulates various processes like Centralized Issuance and Management of Challan Ticketing System, Help reduce vehicle-related crimes, Centralized Driving License Printing Facility, etc. Meanwhile, with the help of DLIMS, the process of online renewal and issuance of driving licenses has been extended among 36 districts of Punjab.

For most individuals in Pakistan, applying for a driver's license has long appeared repetitive and time-consuming. Things seem to be a little simpler and more relaxed now, with the exception and supply of an online driving license application system for the issuing of a driving license.

Using cutting-edge technology and equipment, this system delivers a speedy processing service to the public as well as up-to-date data to the authorities. By using a centralized network, the system redefines the issue procedure for all sorts of licenses. Read more: M-Tag Registration Centers in Islamabad

With the assistance of the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), you may now apply for a driver's license via the digital system DLIMS. The procedure of issuing driver licenses has been extended to 36 districts throughout Punjab via DLIMS. 

How to apply for driving license online

Let's have a look at the method for online driving license Procedure:

·        Access the DLIMS website by logging in.

·        Download the necessary form from the download pages.

·        Fill out the form

·        Send the required documentation to the local licensing facility.

·        After a 42-day licensing period, pass the first theoretical exam.

·        Take the driver's exam.

Let's take a look at the papers you'll need to renew your driving license of yours

It's worth noting:

It is crucial to know that if you wish to renew your driving license, you do not need to take the theoretical or driving tests; all you need to do is present the relevant paperwork to the licensing facility in person.

Required Documents for driving license!

·        The application form E is protected by a cover.

·        2 Passport-Size Photographs

·        2 duplicates of your CNIC

·        Original driver's license 

·        Fee ticket as specified in the License Document

·        Reports on medical conditions

·        The appropriate license's ticket

All licenses are renewed for a period of five years; the following are the issuing costs for various vehicles:

Another crucial point to add here is that renewing driving license does not cost anything if done within a month; if done during 1 to 3 months, a 50% fee will be assessed; and if done within 3 months to 1 year, a 100% fine will be imposed.

Apply from here and download application Form from here.

Read more: M-Tag Registration Centers in Islamabad

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