Relief Package on Electricity Bill 2022

If you hear the news that a special relief package on the Electricity Bill is being given to the consumers of electricity by the government. So this news is not wrong. The Government of Pakistan has announced a relief package for electricity consumers in the winter seasons for three consecutive months. You can pay your electricity bill throughBykea.

Government Relief on Electricity Bill Dec 21 To Feb 22

The discount facility or relief on the Electricity bill will apply from December 2021 to February 2022. I think every one of you does not understand what is written in the LESCO advertisement related to the different uses of units. There is no fuel adjustment, or additional charges will be implemented during the period of relief on electricity.

If you use more electricity or monthly total units during December 2021, January, and February 2022 than the last year’s electricity units, all the extra units will be charged with Rs. 12.96.

Electricity Relief Package in Pakistan Chart 2021-22



Discount Fee Unit


Rs. 11.37


Rs. 11.98

General Service

Rs. 7.94


Relief Package on Electricity Bill 2022

Power buyers utilizing more than 300 units prone to get huge help in the winter season

The power buyers utilizing in excess of 300 units each month are probably going to get alleviation of Rs6.50 to Rs 10 pèr unit in the winter season after the CCoE endorsed the colder time of year motivating force bundle on gradual utilization for all homegrown, business, and general administrations purchasers. 

The Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) Friday conceded the vertical amendment of gas duty pieces for the homegrown buyers for the four months of winter season 2021-22 and comprised aboard to present its proposals within 30 days on the actions to guarantee utilization of energy proficient machines. Online Vehicle Verification System in Pakistan

A gathering of the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCOE) held here under the chairmanship of the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Asad Umar supported the colder time of year motivation bundle on gradual utilization for all homegrown, business, and general administrations buyers of XW-DISCOs and K-Electric from first November 2021 till 28th February 2022. It is worth focusing on here that on September 13, 2021, the CCOE had endorsed the colder time of year impetus bundle for power shoppers fixing the pace of gradual utilization at Rs 12.96 per unit. The CCoE had additionally coordinated Power Division that KE customers ought to likewise be remembered for this bundle.

Following the orders, the Power Division presented a modified outline o the motivating force bundle for power purchasers and remembered KE customers for it. It was educated that because of restricted accessibility regarding flammable gas during cold weather a long time in the new years the purchasers need an option reasonable asset for meeting the warming prerequisites. For his, the shoppers can change to electric warmers for warming necessity as another option if the equivalent is accessible at limited rates. In 2020, to address something very similar, a rebate on increase utilization to be specific Use more Pay Less Package was presented for the time of November 2019 till February 2020 by offering a pace of Rs 11.97/KWh for gradual utilization. The rebate is accessible to homegrown, business, and modern customers of XW-DISCOs and yielded a development of 16% in utilization. MTMIS – Online Vehicle Verification – Islamabad, Punjab & Sindh

Any expansion in the steady utilization for warming through power is lined up with the drawn-out direction of the energy productivity and preservation objective. Also, it will empower the ideal utilization of the framework age limit.

Thus the colder time of year motivation bundle for power purchasers from first November 2021 to 28th February 2022 was submitted and supported by CCoE.

The reference period for steady utilization will be November 2020 to February 2021; Rate of Rs 12.96 KWh will be charged to homegrown purchasers (non-ToU) on the gradual utilization, above month to month 300 units or over the reference utilization in the comparing a very long time of reference period, whichever is more prominent; Rate of Rs 12.96 kWh will be charged to business customers (non-ToU) and general administrations shoppers on the steady utilization over the reference utilization in the relating a long time of reference period; 

A levy of Rs 12.96/kWh will be charged to homegrown purchasers (ToU) and business shoppers (ToU) on the separate top/off-top gradual utilization, over the reference top/off-top utilization in the comparing a very long time of reference period. CCoE supported the outline put together by Power Division on the colder time of year impetus bundle on steady utilization for all homegrown, business, and general administrations customers of XW-DISCOs and K-Electrics from first November 2021 till 28th February 2022. One Network App to Manage Motorway M-TAG [Download]

The levy for the purchasers utilizing over 300 units is Rs19.46 per unit to 23 for each unit. Because of the bundle, the shoppers can save from Rs 6.50 per unit to Rs 10 for each unit during the four cold-weather months. CCoE likewise considered an amendment of gas levy sections for the homegrown buyers during the winter period of FY 21-22 put together by Petroleum Division. The gathering examined the plan exhaustively and said that gas is a valuable energy asset and resultantly import of LNG is an enormous channel in Pakistan's unfamiliar trade. It establishes a significant piece of the nation's absolute imports and shopper spending. It is presently basically imperative to acknowledge both on an individual and public level that energy assets should be preserved by changing to energy proficient apparatuses.

An advisory group headed by Minister for S&T Shibli Faraz has been framed. Different individuals from the advisory group are Secretary Petroleum, Secretary Power, and part energy Planning Commission. This advisory group will give its suggestions within 30 days on the actions to guarantee the utilization of energy proficient machines through different financial and managerial motivating forces alongside administrative moves to be made to elevate these apparatuses to legitimize the utilization, lessen buyer's month to month costs, and resultantly decreasing the country's energy import bill. The meeting was gone to by Minister for Energy, Minister for Maritime Affairs, SAPM on Power, Petroleum and Revenue, SAPM on CPEC, and delegates of administrative specialists and senior authorities of Ministries/Divisions additionally partook in the gathering.

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