Kamyab Pakistan: Kisan, Karobar, Housing, Hunarmand & Sehatmand Programs 2022

The PM Pakistan Imran Khan dream is to establish the state as Madinah-style for the welfare system, economic development, and prosperous people. Kamyab Pakistan is offering Kamyab Kisan, Kamyab Karobar, Naya Pakistan Sasta Ghar Scheme, Kamyab Hunarmand and SehatMand Pakistan. For the first time in history, a 00 1400 billion program for the financial independence and prosperity of 3.7 million families with limited resources.


All the programs are related to Pakistani people who face difficulties starting a business or working as a Kisan. Somehow, the Govt is allotting Naya Ghar for the deserving people who cannot afford a house. If you want to apply online for the Kamyab Pakistan program, you can visit the official website.


kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration 2022

Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched Kamyab Pakistan Program for Pakistani Youth and Needy people. The idea of Kamyab Pakistan Program is to become successful and provide the faculty for youth and to become successful in different fields.


Kamyab Kisan:

Provision of interest-free loans for ownership of up to one acre of agricultural land;


For seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides: up to Rs. 150,000

For agricultural machinery and equipment: up to Rs. 200,000

more information and how to apply can find below details:

PM Kamyab KISAN Program 2022


Kamyab Karobar:

An interest-free loan of up to Rs 5 lakh to start your own business so that young people become job providers and not job seekers. more information and how to apply can find below details:

PM Kamyab Karobar Program 2022

Naya Pakistan Sasta Ghar Scheme:

For Buying or construction of your house;


the easiest loan for up to Rs. 70 Lacs

Payment is easy installments up to 20 years

more information and how to apply can find below details:

PM Naya Pakistan Sasta Ghar Scheme 2022


Kamyab Pakistan: Kisan, Karobar, Housing, Hunarmand & Sehatmand Programs 2021-22

Kamyab Hunarmand:

Provide free training to young people in skills and advanced technical training so that they can find employment. more information and how to apply can find below details:

PM Kamyab Hunarmand Program2022

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SehatMand Pakistan:

Under the SehatMand Pakistan program, sehat insaf card is compulsory for the getting of loans. if it is available in your area. more information and how to apply can find below details:

SehatMand Pakistan Scheme 2022


Free Technical Training Programs:


The government of Pakistan provides free technical training programs for Youth in different fields to become Technical Youth and find Jobs and start their own business because without technical Youth cannot be successful in any field. So, students can get a free technical training program all over Pakistan because the government of Pakistan affiliates many institutes to provide free technical education and after that government of Pakistan will provide financial support for those colleges and universities.


How to apply for Kamyab Pakistan Program:

The Youth of Pakistan can apply online through SMS Registration. For the registration, online applicants can send SMS Your National Identity Card ID to 5771.


Applicant verification through Ehsaas Program.

Verification from NADRA.

The applicants can get more details about Kamyab Pakistan Program on the Website.

prime minister loan scheme 2022online apply

kamyab jawan program loan nbp online apply 2022

kamyab jawan program phase 2 online registration form

kamyab jawan program application form bank of Punjab

kamyab jawan program.gov.pk online registration

Kamyab Jawan loan application form

Please provide required information in all sections as all sections are mandatory.

For all complaints, please visit Pakistan Citizen Portal App.

Please fill in the required fields of Applicant’s CNIC, Issue date, and DOB correctly as they are to be verified by NADRA.


Kamyab Jawan Application Form| Kamyab Jawan Bank Form

Kamyab Pakistan Program Govt Pakistan Key Features


·        Premier Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Successful Pakistan Program today.

·        It is believed that the Successful Pakistan program will play an essential part in reducing poverty in the country.

·        In the scheme, bank loans worth up to Rs. One thousand five hundred billion would be granted to 3.7 million households.

·        Five elements are essential that make up an effective Pakistan program.

·        The loans are interest-free and will be made available to farmers who are successful in their farming.

·        Through the program for business that has proven successful, that has been a success, up to 500,000 interest-free loans will be offered to companies.

·         The Pakistani Government’s highly successful Skilled Based Scholarship Scheme and Health Justice Card will be tied in Pakistan’s Successful Pakistan Program.

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