JazzCash Debit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Contacts


JazzCash Debit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Contacts will be discussed here. Using a credit card is an easy and convenient way to make purchases of any kind. It is widely accepted and widely available. Did you ever wonder if your JazzCash Debit Card was like Spiderman?

    JazzCash Debit Card

    Were you ever surprised that your best buys are only a swipe away? Visas are without a doubt astounding monetary instruments, yet with their going with statements, terms and conditions, and abbreviations, you might feel lost or, at the worst, ready to give up entirely on responsible investment altogether. You don’t have to worry about credit card jargon anymore because Credit card jargon buster is here – a handy guide that will help you understand the most commonly used terms and maintain good credit with JazzCash.

    Credit cards are like quick and easy loans. A credit card is given by the bank and accompanies a foreordained credit limit. You can utilize your card to go through up to this measure of cash it is the all-out credit that the Bank will allow to you.

    Mastercards can be utilized for buys on the web or in physical stores. At the point when you do this, both the dealer and your banks accept your card subtleties. In case the bank supports or decreases the exchange, the dealer gets the data. In case your bank approves the exchange, the shippers' bank is paid, and your Credit Card balance is reduced.

    JazzCash Customer Debit Card

    An account statement from your bank will detail the amount you went through during the month. On your data, you will see the aggregate sum due just as the base. To try not to be late, you should pay the Bank the base sum. Likewise, it demonstrates the data by which the installment should be made. On the off chance that you conveyed forward any charges or interest from the past charging articulation without paying the aggregate sum, you would be charged interest on those charges. You will see any installments you have made to your Debit card account in the last month. 

    Between the time you buy something and the time you have to pay for it, there is a certain amount of time. Your Debit card bills will not be charged interest if you pay them in full each month and don’t carry them forward. Paying the minimum amount due or not paying the total amount due, and taking some of the amounts to the next month, will require you to pay interest. Your bank will list the rate of interest it charges there for you.

    JazzCash Debit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Contacts

    JazzCash Debit CardLogin

    Follow the steps to log in to your JazzCash Debit Card


    Install the JazzCash MobileApp on your smartphone.

    Make sure you have a User ID and Password for online and mobile banking.

    Make your card capable of online and contactless transactions, as well as setting usage limits.

    Are there any fees associated with your debit card?


    It would also result in interest charges if the card account were withdrawn or a Debit card bill was not paid in full. In your Debit Card statement, the interest rate is stated as a monthly rate and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Debit costs are determined by the APR, which can be either dynamic or fixed. 


    You can calculate your Average Daily Balance by adding up your daily balances during the billing period and dividing them by the number of days in that period.

    During the first billing period, the Adjusted Balance is calculated after the payments you make are subtracted from your balance. It reduces your interest rate.

    You would have a previous balance if you had one at the start of the billing period. You are not included in payments or purchases made after that. A recurring billing period ends with an Ending Balance. All purchases and expenses during the period are included.


    Some Debit Cards charge annual fees – the cost of owning a Debit Card. As soon as you obtain your Debit Card, and every year subsequently, this fee will be added to your account.

    Payments that do not reach the card company on time are charged Late Fees. Getting into trouble with your Debit history is entirely avoidable, as late payments can damage your Debit score, making it harder to get Debit. You should always pay on time. If you want to make a payment online, your money usually appears in your account within 24 hours.

    There can also be fees for exceeding a Debit limit, returning payments, or stopping payments. Fortunately, most of these fees can be avoided.

    How to prevent JazzCash Debit Cardfraud

    It is often possible to prevent Debit card, ATM, and Internet fraud. A Debit card is usually used within 48 hours after a scam is committed. To report a lost Debit card, call your supplier right away. The majority of companies have toll-free telephone numbers available at all hours. 

    Preventing fraud

    Maintain a safe place for your cards and know where they are at all times

    Unless you know the company and you made the call, do not give your account number over the phone

    Choose a card with additional security features, such as a photo

    To prevent change on charge slips and to prevent carbons from being torn up, draw a line through the blank space above the total

    Blank charges must not be signed

    It would be best if you always compared receipts with your monthly statements. You must report errors within 30 days after receiving your information.

    You should record card numbers and expiration dates. Store these records in a safe place. Use them whenever you lose or steal a card.

    A postcard or envelope should never contain your account number or PIN. It’s best not to carry your PIN around with you.

    Keep your travel card usage to a minimum. 

    JazzCash Debit Card Payments and Charges

    The Debit card you have could charge you an annual fee. Some companies charge you a set amount that you are billed annually.

    You may obtain a Debit Card for free for the first year, but later, you will be charged for it.

    Late fees apply if you pay after the due date on your statement or Debit card bill.

    Charges that are carried forward without being paid in full will incur interest.

    Debit ratings or Debit Scores are heavily influenced by how you manage the Debit that you receive on your Debit card. Using your Debit wisely is key to your Debit ratings. Is the only use of your Debit to pay minimum obligations? You may carry some charges into the next month, or you may pay everything in full. Do you ever miss a payment? All of these factors impact your Debit score.

    You can earn some money back with some cards. You can earn Reward Points that add up, and you can redeem these for a wide range of things like air miles, cashback, vouchers for use at various shops, and several products that are listed in the Rewards catalog.

    To summarize, it is essential to use a Debit Card wisely and prudently. Living within your means is always a good thing. Don’t splurge on things you can’t afford. If you do not pay off the total amount you spent on your Debit card each month, you end up in a colossal mess, paying lots of interest. Be innovative and responsible with your Debit card. 

    JazzCash Debit Cards: Why Choose Them?

    The JazzCash Debit Card offers a variety of benefits, including international recognition, attractive rewards schemes, and broad acceptance worldwide. Every type of lifestyle need can be met with one Debit card, whether traveling or shopping.

    JazzCash Debit cards offer insurance benefits like travel accident coverage, lost luggage coverage, and health coverage.

    JazzCash Rewards offers exclusive reward points redeemed against exclusive coupons, special deals, and merchandise. Earn points at a fast rate and save them against exclusive prizes.

    There’s a JazzCash card to suit every lifestyle – with a wide variety of specially designed cards, and you will be able to find one that meets your needs quickly.

    What a JazzCash Debit Card has to offer

    JazzCash offers Personalized Debit Card for its Mobile Account customers.Mobile Account customers do not need to carry cash for making payments at retail outlets as customers can make secure and convenient payment transactions through their debit card.

    Mastercard Debit Card

    Product Features

    o   Enjoy over 700 Buy 1 Get 1 offers with Vouch 365

    o   Secure E-Commerce Transactions – on all domestic platforms

    o   Set Transaction Limits: You can set your desired transaction limits for JazzCash Mastercard debit card using JazzCash mobile application.

    o   Cash Withdrawal at over 16,000 ATMs across Pakistan

    o   Accepted at over 67,000 Retail Merchants

    o   Contactless payments on POS machines – simply tap & pay to complete your shopping transaction (Supported merchants only)

    o   Free SMS alerts on every transaction

    o   Daily Withdrawal and shopping limit is Rs.50,000 (no charges on shopping)

    o   You can get your card from:

    o   JazzCash Website click here to order card now

    o   JazzCash Mobile App

    o   USSD – dial *786#

    o   On spot card delivery at selected MMBL branches (coming soon!)

    Issuance fee is Rs.599 only!

    No Annual Fees!


    Mastercard Debit Card

    PayPak Debit Card

    Product Features

    o   Golootlo discounts at over 12,000 merchants

    o   Cash withdrawal at over 16,000 ATMs across Pakistan

    o   Accepted at over 67,000 Retail Merchants

    o   Contactless payments on POS machines – simply tap & pay to complete your shopping transaction (Supported merchants only)

    o   Free SMS alerts on every transaction

    o   Daily withdrawal and shopping limit is Rs. 50,000 (no charges on shopping)

    o   You can get your card from:

    o   JazzCash Website click here to order card now

    o   JazzCash Mobile App

    o   USSD – dial *786#

    o   On spot card delivery at selected MMBL branches

    Card Issuance fee is Rs.899

    Annual fee is Rs.299


    PayPak Debit Card

    JazzCash Debit Card Features & Benefits

    Free Mastercard & ATM Withdrawal


    o   Special Mastercard Debit Card introductory price of Rs. 399 (As per SOC it is Rs. 599)

    o   Get your entire fee reversed on your first POS transaction of Rs. 1000 i.e. Customer will pay Rs. 399 as issuance fee and this fee will be reversed if customer makes first POS payment of Rs 1000 or above from new Mastercard Debit card by the end of the following month of the card order month. For Example: A customer ordered a Debit Card in the month of October, so he will have till the end of November to conduct Rs. 1000 transaction on POS for cashback eligibility

    o   2x Free ATM withdrawals in a calendar month  zee

    Offer Description:

    Order a card and get entire fee reversed upon first transaction


    October 15th to December 31st 2021 (Free ATM transactions until 31st January 2022)


    o   Only new mastercard Debit Card customers are eligible for this offer. This offer is not applicable on PayPak Debit Cards and Visa cards

    o   Customers shall be eligible for card fee cashback after first shopping/POS purchase transaction if the transaction amount is Rs 1000 or above.

    o   For fee reversal customer has to make the first transaction of required amount by the end of the following month of the card order month.

    o   Customer will get 2 ATM transaction free every month till the month of January 2022. After availing the 2 free transactions in a given month, customer will be charged as per the prevailing SOC.

    o   This offer is valid for customers who order their Mastercard Debit Card from App, Web or through USSD (*786#) from 15th October – 31st December 2021 and conduct their first shopping transaction as per the criteria.

    o   Fee cashback will be credited into customer’s mobile account within 10 working days of the POS/Shopping transaction date from the new card.

    o   This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn or changed by JazzCash at any time without prior notice.

    o   The final decision for customer cashback eligibility will rest with JazzCash.

    o   Only customers who previously had no JazzCash Debit Card issued to them are eligible for this offer upon ordering a new mastercard debit card.

    o   Customers who have ordered a new card after their previous card has been lost/stolen are not eligible for this offer.

    o   Customers who have the old card (without chip) and have applied for the new EMV mastercard Debit Card are not eligible for this offer.

    o   This cashback/Free ATM Transaction/Discounted ATM Fee offer is subject to terms and conditions and applicable regulations/laws/internal policies of the Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (the, “Jazz”) and Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (the, “MMBL”), collectively (the, “Group Companies”), and/or its/their subsidiaries, affiliates and shareholders. The Jazz and MMBL reserve the right to amend/modify/withdraw this offer at any time with or without any notice and/or intimation and collectively and severally disclaim any and/or all claims/losses/damages, whether directly or indirectly or consequential or prospective profits/benefits, may arise or suffered due to any act directly attributable to the Jazz and/or MMBL.

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