Bitcoin Blocks App Review – Legit or Fake Match Puzzle Game



Welcome to my Bitcoin Blocks application review!


Millions of people are being cheated by game developers who claim to pay real money but never do. Most of them manipulate your earnings and stop giving rewards once you are near the payout threshold.


It’s a terrible business practice that is causing too much frustration with players all over the world. The number of fake money apps out there is staggering, but for some reason, they thrive with no restrictions!


In the present survey, I will show you a match puzzle game that probably changes your focuses over to Bitcoin and allows you to cash out by means of Coinbase. Is Bitcoin Clocks a phony or genuine application? Does it pay or not? Continue to peruse to find reality!


Bitcoin Blocks App Review – Legit or Fake Match Puzzle Game?

    What Is Bitcoin Blocks?


    Bitcoin Blocks is a match puzzle game created by Bling, a Canadian organization that has three other crypto-acquiring games: Bitcoin Blast, Bitcoin Pop, and Bitcoin Food Fight.


    As you play any of these four games, you will gather Bling focuses that can be traded for BTC rewards. Keep in mind you must have a Coinbase account to be able to receive the payment. If you don’t have one, click here.


    How Do Bitcoin Blocks Work?


    Bitcoin Blocks is accessible for nothing on Google Play store. When you dispatch the application, tap on the "Get everything rolling" fasten and make your Bling account utilizing your Google Facebook or Email account. On the off chance that you play another Bling game, you can utilize that equivalent record to gather focuses. Remember that clients are restricted to just a single Bling Account.


    How to Play Bitcoin Blocks?


    It's really straightforward! Simply tap on at least two squares of a similar shading and complete the objective before you run out of moves.

    Bitcoin Blocks App Review

    For instance, on the main level, you want to obliterate eight yellow and six red squares. At the point when you arrive at the objective, you will pass the even out and procure Bling focuses as per your exhibition. It's simple initially, yet after the sixth level, you should consider cautiously prior to taking any action.


    Remember that Bitcoin Blocks doesn't give you any focuses on the off chance that you come up short. That, however you need to observe bunches of supported recordings, which is devours parcel of web information.


    BTC Rewards


    Presently you are likely thinking about how much cash worth of BTC you can procure by playing Bitcoin Blocks. Overall, 2000 focuses per level, which is 0.00000002 BTC. I know, there are such countless zeros!


    As the current cost of 1 BTC is 46255 USD, that implies you are procuring a measly $0.001 USD per level, which is only a negligible part of a penny. Going on like this, you might need to pass 100 levels to make 1 USD.


    One individual said he changed out 150K focuses in the wake of playing Bitcoin Blocks for a whole week. That is generally 0.10 USD! Be that as it may, it can deteriorate! Shockingly, numerous players announced their income dropped to 20 – 30 focuses per level, which is hardly anything! I accept you can acquire somewhat more by playing this match puzzle from WINR Games.


    How would You Get Paid?


    Simply tap the "Money out" button at the top and enter your email connects to Coinbase. The cool thing about Bitcoin Blocks is that you can demand your installment regardless of whether you just have 10K focuses. The drawback is that you can't cash out at least a couple of times like clockwork.


    Is Bitcoin Blocks Legit? Does It Pay?


    Indeed, Bitcoin Blocks is 100% real! Bling is extremely genuine and forthright with players by showing this notice in the application portrayal:


    It consumes most of the day to make sufficient Bling Points to money out for a significant measure of Bitcoin. Most clients acquire a sum that is just worth a negligible portion of one penny (USD).


    Such degree of straightforwardness is phenomenal in this industry. I played Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Food Fight for some time, and they handled my installment inside 24 hours.


    If you check the Google Playstore, you will find loads of tributes from clients who verifies their authenticity. In this way, have confidence Bling is a dependable organization!


    Notwithstanding the low pace of pay, the vast majority are satisfied on the grounds that basically they are making some Bitcoin while having a good time. What amount do you procure while playing Candy Crush? Nothing…


    In addition, Bitcoin's prize can go up later on, which means you can get more cash-flow! In any case, I believe it's not worth playing Bitcoin Blast in view of the award. The explanation is that swapping scale is excessively low contrasted with the measure of portable information it devours by watching recordings.


    Pros And Cons



    ·        It's fun and exceptionally testing.

    ·        Quick installments (24 – 48 hours).

    ·        You can play other Bling games to gather more focuses.

    ·        BTC's cost can go up.

    ·        They are straightforward in regards to your pay potential.



    ·        The acquiring potential is unbelievably low.

    ·        There are loads of promotions.

    ·        There is a constraint of one payout like clockwork.

    ·        It tends to be exceptionally habit-forming.


    Bitcoin Blocks is one of only a handful of exceptional games that really pay clients. It's an uncommon find in this industry. Furthermore, it's a cool game that assists with sitting back!


    The issue is that the sum they are giving you is unimportant. You might need to play Bling games for 1 year just to make around $2 – $3. The acquiring potential is entirely low, to the point that I wouldn't try changing focuses over to BTC.


    You should just play Bitcoin Blocks for no particular reason in light of the fact that some other web-based movement pays you more than that! Also that you will squander a ton of web information, which might set you back more than whatever they pay you.


    A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing my Bitcoin Blocks application audit. If you have questions or contemplations about this game, leave us a remark underneath.


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